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Japan to expand FY2024/25 budget reserves for earthquake aid

By Kantaro Komiya

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Japan to expand FY2024/25 budget reserves for earthquake aid

In the beginning it serve good purpose to aid earthquake and disaster area, along the time they changed it another thing. That happened to other region that being hit by earthquake.



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The photos are from Nishiaraya which is just outside Kanazawa (10km or so). This is the bottom of the Noto peninsula. It looks like they shook more than "Shindo 5" measured by the nearest equipment.

Shindo 6 hitting Kanazawa, population near 500,000, presumably would have greatly increased the number of evacuees and death toll.

Local shindo measurements here.


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It will take many months and years to repair the destruction and damage.

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approved 4.74 billion yen in spending

with fresh printed fake money, you can approve 474 billion yen as well and give a million yen in bonus to each citizen...

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I’m hoping there is a great deal more accountability regarding how this public money gets spent than there was after 3/11.

I’m still waiting for an explanation as to how paying for whaling subsidies and roads in Okinawa helped the people of Tohoku, and I am not holding my breath for any of the LDP/Yak cabal to be held responsible for the misappropriation.

I hope against hope that this time around the Japanese taxpayers will expect their monies to be used for the reasons they have been allocated.

I expect Aso is already making his calculations.

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