Japan to focus on greener society, digital for pandemic recovery


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Good, give the hankos a well earned rest and unplug the fax machines. Oh and while we are at it let's drag the banking system into the 21st century.

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Yes! Recovery and costs ‘back in the black’ by 202**5**!

- “The guideline says the govt "sticks" to its target of bringing its primary balance -- tax revenue minus expenses [other than debt-servicing costs] -- into the black by fiscal 2025.” -

Oh, wait! There’s the caveat: “other than [covering and perhaps gradually increasing] debt-servicing costs”…

*- “But… the target year could be delayed, as the govt will “[re-]examine" the fallout of the pandemic on Japan's economy & finances and "reaffirm"[change] the goal based on the review.*

Aren’t the ‘real’ truths are always in the last paragraphs of these “rattle the bright & shiny keys for the baby” media ‘stories’?

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For pandemic recovery? It would be much more pertinent to control the virus before planning a recovery.

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Japan does not know what digital means. Further, it’s a culture that hates change.

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Yeah, push ahead to talk about it, more like, because last I heard proof of vaccination in Japan is going to be... wait for it... paper cards you likely have to fill out documents to get, go to City Hall and hanko for, then write in dates IN PEN on the card itself. And then, of course, you'll have to fax everything.

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I love the smell of buzzwords in the morning...

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Green in Japan means green technology, more trees destroyed for solar energy farms.

He is talking about investing, so everything is business related.

Japan should focused more on education and mind changes. How many useless lights are on everyday, how much useless plastic is used.

Today is a rainy day. Shoppers will get their products in a bag, and if it is a paper bag, maybe it will be wrapped by another plastic. On the good side, as plastic bags are not free anymore, consumption of those has been strongly reduced

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I cannot speak for all of Japan but where I live good luck with a “green society”! I live in fukuoka’s Itoshima City where green does t come into the language. Concrete is more realistic, rampant road building and total out of co trip housing developments, water and air pollution... alone in my neighborhood more than 500 tree lining the roads have been cut. Good luck with green policies in Japan

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Anyone would think there's going to be an election soon. Oh wait...

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I can't even bother reading most of this joke!

Does anyone really believe this?

We are waiting for our Paper voucher by mail to get vaccinated.

I expect the Japanese government especially cities and towns will enter the 20th century soon perhaps dropping hankos/stamps maybe even start using email instead of Fax but that may take 4 or 5 years.

My daughter is having a problem with national pension, they say they never heard of her university and say she wasn't a student.

Her university is one of the top IT and Technology schools in Japan.

They say it isn't in their "Book."

She pulled up the university information on multiple sites including the government's own list of accredited Universities.

The pension workers reaction was " We don't go by that only the book we have" a paperback book!

Just to make the point her university is in the top 20 in Japan and national pension forgot to put it in their "printed book" so it doesn't exist.

The university has made multiple complaints and was told that the error will be corrected when the revised "Book Is printed" next year.

Yep "printed" next year!

So much for modernization!

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@snowymountainhellToday  07:17 am JST

“rattle the bright & shiny keys for the baby” 

love it! still, the world operates on that principle, not just the Meeja.... people can be pretty gullible.... which is why nothing ever really changes.... the baubles, and the rhetoric, become ever more sparkly is all.

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hope they'll ask Onjuku town hall to go green, stop chopping down trees "because crows hang about in them". "that seems a shame" says I. "oh, don't worry, they'll grow back".... I like living here, and I count my blessings, which are many..... but..... dear oh dear! (ー△ー;)

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“Introducing the revolutionary new FAX machine with lots of new shiny functions, yet easy enough to be used by 90-year old city hall employee who should have retired twenty-five years ago!”

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Hooray! More talk, just talk. As for action? None of that would happen. Change? Pffft. In your dreams. Keep on talking Japan, that's what you're best at.

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To give an example of how messed up things are in Japanese government offices.

The ward branch office near my place ( one of the 23 Tokyo wards) installed a machine where if you have an IC chip "My Number" card you can print up quickly things like residency papers ( jyumihyo) again another piece of paper constantly requested. But that same office over half the staff are still using Cathode Ray Tube computer monitors.

It looks like a scene from an old Japanese TV show.

The same situation at the main police station where I have to regularly go to give a monthly report due to certain regulations regarding my type of business (regulations concerning buying and selling antique art work.)

This section I go to nearly all the desks still have Cathode Ray Tube monitors and the paperwork is incredible.

In my previous ward I could give the police a USB drive with the needed information but not this station as they apparently don't have the ability to do this. So paper reports, printed photos, etc.. costing my business in paper, printer ink, etc...

Though I suspect it is more likely the old farts that I am reporting to each month is the real reason as I don't think he even knows how to use a USB drive.

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Good, give the hankos a well earned rest and unplug the fax machines. Oh and while we are at it let's drag the banking system into the 21st century.

Well, that's the plan. Glad to say that the company I'm working in did that and I hope entire Japan will.

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Fine Art has different rules, brand bags,etc... Different rules, nationally important or possibly important objects different rules. than the standard Kokustu.

But I am sure as a engineer/painter/ politician/accountant/lawyer/doctor, et... You know better!

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Your own abbreviated version say what you asked about!

The so-called Ledger, I wasn't using a ledger previously now I have to at at my designated police station they claim they can't use electronic version.

The police has discretionary powers to inspect any time on premises or require you to bring the Ledger in, if dealing in antiques subject to CITES things get even more complicated ( many Japanese antiques contain such material though I now avoid dealing or repairing such items Unless the owners are fine with using Camel bone instead of ivory, Cellulose or tortex to replace tortoiseshell)

Antique books ( or all books in general) have different rules.

You claim to have been here a long time, if so you know nothing in Japan is as simple as it seems on the surface.

Buying/selling used gold, platinum, silver products have again their own set of rules antiques or not.

I have been dealing in this business for 2 decades but I suspect you will somehow say you know more and will claim 3 decades.

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Here are examples of the over paperwork and I mean actual PAPER.

If applying for things like restaurant, used items buying and selling, (not pawn shop that requires even more) , bar ( serving alcohol after midnight, etc...

Actual paper documents such as residency registration, proof of tax filing/payment, background check ( you would think the police could do this directly but apparently they can't and you need to go to a different place and get another piece of paper), some cases you need family registry, if renting a business location you will need written permission from the owner, if you own the location you will need proof of ownership. Oh and proof of bank accounts Again must be hard copy bank book or certified bank statement.

Everything is paper and stamps.

The lack of anything being able to be done electronically is amazing.

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Recently, I opened an account in the UK buying and selling gold-not a single piece of paper was sent or received.

Japan’s systems are way outdated and an encumbrances doing efficient and economic business ...

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What "greenery" are you talking about? Osaka doesn't have enough green spaces and we literally die in summer. No tree's shadow, only concrete

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One tree in the middle of a concrete alley won't change that. This is just greenwashing by our government. If it was really meant seriously, then trees would not be cut down unnecessarily

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propaganda for votes?

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