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Japan to give ¥2.4 bil grant aid to Samoa


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LDP party, avoid using tax revenue inside your own country when at all possible.

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These Pacific Islander countries will turn to China and Chinese influence at anyway because they needs to trade and only China can have the products they needed to trade with. Don't waste money in far away, Japan. They shall no longer gratitude your contributions!

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Present Japan's LDP regime support other countries' universities with taxpayers' money, but they disregard domestic national universities, reduce to support them, violate independency of scholars or autonomy of universities.

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$2,4 billion that could have been used on making education free for all kids, and more nursery places. Not to worry Japanese tax payers can pay more in stealth taxes to cover these payments to Samoa, while major pay increases only go to a small portion of the working public..

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Phew! I haven't heard of them using out tax money to help out other nations for a little bit and was starting to think they might actually use some for problems at home.

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Japan on Saturday promised 2.4 billion yen in grant aid to Samoa to help improve a national university's facilities.

Those unfamiliar with international aid may think that Japan just hands a bag of cash to the Samoan government. When the reality is that the Japanese government actually hands over the cash to Japanese construction firms, Japanese construction vehicle companies, Japanese logistics companies, Japanese engineering companies....etc

Everybody wins, except the tax payer.

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Moskollo, at least some consolation that it’s closer to $160 million.

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They are in a hurry to make friends quickly. The Chinese have been friends there for a long time.

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Why don't grant to Japanese people in need first??..

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Kamikawa and Mata'afa also spoke about the importance of addressing climate change, according to the ministry.….

And did PM Mata’afa question why the climate destroyer Fumio Kishida takes not one but two full sized Boeing jets on foreign trips?

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Isn’t 2.4 billion yen 16.1 million USD

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