Japan to halt missile attack drills after Trump-Kim summit


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Just remember when the drills started and why. "Fire and Fury" ring a bell.

But that won't stop the Trogs from shreecking "See? See!!!! Trump made us safer!!!"

No honor. No Shame. No memory.

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Japan will stop missile drills? Is that something Japan is supposed to be conceding?

I was not aware that missile drills were even being conducted much less that they are a negotiation clause.

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Great, less fear mongering

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It's not any concession to North Korea. It just saves Japan the it's own time, money and effort. Especially for something that many felt had questionable value.

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The Tokyo Dome City Amusement Park participants in the top photo don't look particularly amused. More like 'Why are you wasting my (expletive deleted) time!"

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Scuttling down a drain pipe, ducking under a desk, getting behind a shrub is now so yesterday.

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You mean the drills consisting of evacuating a hundred people in a city of 10 million ?

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Ship's sailed. Time to pick up another boogeyman.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

If there was a real imminent missile attack, I think a lot of people would evacuate involuntarily.

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Abe must be fuming!

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Ship's sailed. Time to pick up another boogeyman.

Abe must be fuming!

We all know the LDP will find a way to make a mess of this chance at peace so they can be 'the hero' and keep the attention off their own corruption while duping the voters into electing them again. There are no better alternatives for them right now.

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some great posts here. marcelito and agentX on the spot as usual. And as many have pointed out, the drills were useless. Where and how are you going to evacuate all of Tokyo and Yokohama to? This was all LDP hype to keep the public preoccupied with other things.

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Note the suggestion that Abe might have to go to Pyongyang to meet Kim Jong Un. That symbolism would be Abe as supplicant. Hopefully he won't be asked to bow too many times. Wake up, Abe, Trump has cut you loose on your own, the Indopacom notwithstanding.

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Time to upgrade anti-missile systems then. Deterrence is better.

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Gotta do what Trump did... Japan certainly can't do its own thing.

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why doesn't Japan use the great elementary school desks we used the USA in the 1960's

that protected us from atomic bomb fallout?

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are those special Japanese anti missile umbrellas that everyone in the photo is holding?

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They were always ridiculous anyway.

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"Japan to halt missile attack drills after Trump-Kim summit, and increase sequenced JSDF training videos on the History Channel Japan."


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Abe Government excessively instigated unrest against North Korea to raise support rate.

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Better start building up your own forces Japan the USA is not a very stable country internally.

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