Japan to help developing nations enforce North Korea trade sanctions


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Kim looks like odd job from 007 without the mustache.

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Kim looks like odd job from 007 without the mustache.

I was thinking more like a cross between a balloon and a character from a Raymond Chandler story.

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another entry to http://kimjongunlookingatthings.tumblr.com/

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nice hat

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In many developing countries, North Korea is more convincing than Japan from development approach to project execution.

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Why are there always people around him taking notes?

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I bet that guy at the computer is crapping his pants!!! "make him go, make him go,,,"

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You'd better be seen taking notes enthusiastically or you family will never see you again.

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since1981Today 07:32 pm JST

Why are there always people around him taking notes?

Because everything he says is of such historic importance it must be captured for the edification and enlightenment of the world!

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And again Japan is going to derail attempts at reunification with it's greed and arrogance., and give other nations our money while it does.

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And again Japan is going to derail attempts at reunification

And how Japan's attempts to enforce the UN sanctions are connected to reunification of Korea?

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A complete waste of 1.2billion yen. I was born and raised in Africa and lived there for 40 years. What the article says they are planning to do will come to naught but these developing countries will take every yen they can and siphon it all into the fat cats pockets who are running the show. I know it cynical but it’s Africa and I doubt the Japanese have any idea what they are up against there. I hope I’m wrong.

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There is 1.2 billion yen gone, to persuade developing nations to do what? They are as the artical says developing nations. A nation that is over 220% of national dept can find this money but we see parks full of cardboard suburbs, priorities could probably do with an adjustment.

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I personally wonder how may times the person who wrote what is on the blackboard had to do it to make it so perfect.

All the teachers I ever had would NEVER have been able to write something THAT perfectly.

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The people with notepads write, 'What a nutcase' over and over.

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Kim? No, that's a Smooth Criminal.

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Again, Abe doing as commanded by Washington. As far as "By helping to train personnel and providing equipment to stem arms trade" these arms sale are by the US, the biggest arms dealer on the globe. The US is sucking Japan into making itself a target, Wale up Japan; you need a new independent PM, on one controlled by Washington.

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Trade sanction by developing nation? As long as Russia and China trade with NK, no effect. Food from China, from North, oil from Russia. It has own coal mines.

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Abe was in Europe and haven't been inn DC. But he might agree with Trump to get rid of foreigner like delreperezabove.

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Japan needs to watch. Kim a little bit more. Instead of USA, he is preparing wars in Africa and middle east. He might be selling made in N Korea weapons to anti USA rebels there. It might be easier for him now than when he was child and killed his uncle.

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"Japan needs to watch..."

Watch with what military? Japanese military compares nothing to the North Korean military and the North will send a few 'presents' to Japan if these provocations continue. Even the US can't defeat North Korea through military actions because if they go for this then it leaves them venerable to China and Russia...

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Japan has been investing large area in the area. keenly watch how NK conduct business to ensure Japanese investments are smoothly working.

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You don't give attention?

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That operator is praying that Kim doesn't notice the Solitaire on his taskbar.

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Hidden in the article, penultimate paragraph, is the suggestion that DPRK might be planning to sell their nuclear wepons technology to admiring third world countries.

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wepons = weapons. Apologies above.

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