Japan to host Africa aid forum as China looms large

By Shingo Ito

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Japan hosts development talks with African leaders this week, looking to boost its presence on the continent and offer an alternative to investments by an increasingly assertive China.

"It's been said that Africa is the last frontier," he added. "Can Japan steadily do business in Africa and win the fruits of growth? Japan and Japanese companies are facing a real test."

This sounds an awful lot like a new form of imperialism this time on African soil and knowing what happened in the past the Japanese government should not indulge in these "bussines" ventures.

Let the African countries have complete self-control over their natural resources and clear their debt with IMF if you really want to help them instead of exploiting them further.

Shame on you LDP shame on you...

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Seems there are no policy areas where these countries have any sincerity - EVERYthing they do is ultimately for their own gain - growth/competition/image.

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Many of the infrastructure projects in Africa "could become quite a significant debt burden for some countries", said Masahiko Kiya, a Japanese diplomat in charge of the conference.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds. theChinese investments are debt burden but not Japanese.

I don't see how Japanese cost which is far higher than Chinese won't lead to higher debt burden.

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Tokyo is unlikely to try to out-pledge China at this year's talks, which start on Wednesday and run until Friday.

Japans atleast a decade and powerful economy late. China can outspend it ten times over. And with the international business experience China has, sadly, nippon doesn't have a snowballs chance in hades

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20 years too late. China has been in Africa for decades and established good relationships with many of the rulers.

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Well considering the fact that China and Japan have been at odds as of late, this is a smart move by Japan. And so what if they’re late? As the saying goes, “better late than never”. And it’s good that they’re pushing this “quality over quantity” pitch, because as we all know, Japan has a lot to offer in terms of quality.

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Actually, China and Japan haven't been this amiable for a long time. The rivalry won't go away of course but China at least has learned the mob tactics is of no use against Japan and they are starting to act like an adult.

As for Africa, its the Europeans who should worry, China is encroaching into their backyard.

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