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Japan pledges $7.4 billion aid for Mekong development


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Oh sweet lord... here we go again. Pledge billions and billions for aid and construction elsewhere, while crying about a lack of funds and need to raise taxes as a result at home. Get these people OUT of the government!!

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Supposedly an investment into future customers and people for use later in Japans factorys it will build there i guess, can kinda see the thinking in this and other schemes, but where does the money come from, japan has no money to spend we are lead to believe.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Meanwhile, there are still 200,000 people living in shacks and shelters in north eastern Japan in the wake of last year's tsunami. Keep your global face Japan! But, everybody knows what is really going on at home. Bugger all!

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I'm astounded that the citizens of Japan haven't staged a bloody revolution yet with the way the government was been running things for the past decade. More spending at the tax-payer's expense that this country can ill-afford with the debt-crisis, the nuclear crisis, the aging population crisis, the social insurance crisis, the trade deficit...

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too much of our money being spent elsewhere, when it should be spent at home

5 ( +5 / -1 )

These countries have excellent potential. This was a wise investment by Japan, the returns will be immense.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Thank you Mr. Noda for all these payouts ( promises on Mynamar, Mekong, IMF etc.. to be implemented by others cabinets in months ), one cannot believe how a MP can spend for non core & non urgent matters within a year or so in power, Tohoku, what Tohoku ?!

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Yes lets chuck more money that we don't have away! $60 billion to the IMF and now another $7.4 billion to this. Why is this government happy to throw money away and ignore the people in Tokohu?! Not only that but we should be sorting our own debt out first. Get rid of these fools now!

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I agree with everyone here except Foxie. Japan does not have $7.4 billion to give to S.E. Asia.

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"The region along the lower reaches of the 4,800-kilometer Mekong River has historically been isolated by war and political turmoil and remains poorer than other parts of Southeast Asia."

Dubbed as " the region ( Tohoku ).. About 1,000-kilometer.. From Tokyo...has historically been isolated by politicians and remains poorer than other parts of Japan " this Tohoku region is closer, Japanese & matching the 'criteria' of being granted with some extra aids ? Generous technocrats !

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This is messed up!! I am starting to wonder who would be better Mickey Mouse and his crew in office or the old morns in office that keep saying "WE HAVE NO MORE MONEY!" for aid to the people hit by last years disaster! Hmmm of course there is the one thought and that is help these places get an effective workforce in place and that way Japans production can be sent there to be done for a fraction of the cost it is done here!!! This is supposed to help Japan?!?!?!

At the current exchange rate $7.4 million is 6,032,110,000.00 yen I see a lot of homes and food that could go to the people up in the tsunami stricken zone.... let's see 6,032,110,000.00 yen and divide that by (I will use "Disillusioned Meanwhile, there are still 200,000 people living in shacks and shelters in north eastern Japan" that would be 30,160.55 yen each! No, it is not a house for each not by a long shot BUT IT IS HELP HERE to the people here that need it!!

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Hey, Skeeter27! Read it again! It is 7.4 BILLION dollars!

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What does forgiving 3.7 BILLIon dollars mean? The leader that pocketed most of that money dont have to pay that back? and now they wanna them lend 7.4 ? I must be reading something wrong.

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Absolutely disgraceful. The Japanese trait of the people traditionally not going against the grain of government decisions, prevent and render the road to prosperity and recovery virtually useless.

We have the tax rises, and in the end will have pay for this aid spending. Money which Japan cannot afford to spend as the country is in debt. Politicians continue to line their pockets and many Tohuku people continue to struggle.

Why hasn't this money been churned into the successful allocation of debris and the ongoing nuclear power plant problems? And while decisions such as these are made, more importantly WHY aren't the people using their voices and able power to do something about it? The Japanese people have always been a proud race and place an enormous emphasis on honor. Where is the honor of abandoning your fellow citizens in their time of need?

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Part of me understand Japan wanting to sink her claws in the area but can we please look after the people in THIS country that need aid right now?? Charity begins at home, right??

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Ted Barerra: "I'm astounded that the citizens of Japan haven't staged a bloody revolution yet with the way the government was been running things for the past decade."

Welcome to the set phrase, "Shou ga nai, ne!", a phrase that cannot in any way be translated in the given context in any other culture. It's a Japanese thing; question it and worse, seek to understand why and correct it, and you are 'bashing'. The worst part is that while so many of these corrupt politicians speak 'on behalf' of the people of Tohoku and thank others for all their help, next to none have gone to the areas affected by the disasters of last year to confront it face to face but instead 'represent' the victims at wining and dining parties in other, rich nations.

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helping them means investing in to their countries. This will help Japan more in the future.... Investing in Japan is total waste... Let Japanese people wait for some time and they can get lots of help from these countries as reward. These countries are not like CHINA. We can trust them..

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Let's hope some of this money goes to stopping Rino horn imports. Vietnam is a chief entry point for the illegal horn to get into Asia.

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What perplexes me is all the money the Japanese Government seems to be throwing around.. And all indictions from the press is that they are BROKE...

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smithinjapan, I agree with you. It should be off with their heads! The government needs to be held accountable to the people. While I do not advocate violence, they need some time in jail to reflect over their misdeeds. Dry rice and fish heads will help them understand.

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