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Japan to include nuclear power in mid-term energy policy


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I thought your first honourable decision we be the permanent relocation of your people.

Not a bias toward something vehemontly proven to destroy them.

Your third year aniversary is coming up, not a political platform I would be espousing...

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The only rational decision given the cost of alternative fuel (oil, LNG).

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This has always been the intent of Shinzo Abe's yen devaluation gambit; energy being the costliest import. Once nuclear energy is returned to full use the risk of another Fukushima disaster will be unavoidable. Whatever happens, in the final analysis, Shinzo Abe will become the bane of Japan.

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A sensible decision indeed. I wish more of the Abe Gov't decisions were as sensible!

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Because they still haven't dug up the oil from the bottom of the sea...

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Any talk of the promulgation of nuclear energy must address the 1.storage and confinement of spent radioactive nuclear fuel 2.the ability to render the effects of nuclear contamination harmless 3.provisions to compensate the victims of nuclear contamination

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Let's be honest and rational, All of the plants are down and you still have power right? Why? It can be down without the need at all for nuclear.

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Even to consider nuclear power as a viable option as the people of Japan begin to awaken to the heath effects from Fukushima seems a calculated and cold hearted move by this administration. It seems, to those of us in the outside world, that Japan does not care for her citizens. NO nuclear is needed... develop renewable sustainable sources... they exist... get to work Japan!!! Stop feeding the nuclear beast your children.

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Does this make any sense at all? Or is it evil? Nuclear energy is the enemy of mankind. Better, find something cheaper and safer.

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I am very sad to hear this Japan, as obviously you are taking the lives of your own people lightly, and you will be polluting the world with even more highly toxic radioactive waste which there is no safe solution for. This is an emotional decision, not a logical one.

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Christine Dillon Strickland,

awaken to the heath effects from Fukushima

May I inquire which health effects you referring to? Other than mental disorders stemming from forced relocation and radiophobic scare-mongering or accidents befalling emergency workers dealing with the disaster in 2011, how has the Fukushima public's health been affected by nuclear power? Do you have any statistics on significant increases in death or illness with robust causation?

develop renewable sustainable sources... they exist...

May I ask which sources you mean? Do you mean solar power? Well photovoltaic solar panels are dependent on polycrystalline silicon, the production of which is a dirty, polluting process, on top of which China corners the market on it and will not hesitate to jack up prices or restrict supply just to make Japan suffer. Do you mean wind power? Well that depends on rare earths, which are not "renewable" or "sustainable" and China also corners that market, controlling over 90% of global supply.


This is an emotional decision, not a logical one.

I respectfully disagree. It is in fact highly logical and un-emotional.

Japan has ZERO natural resources. No coal, no oil, no natural gas. It's economy depends on industry, which depends on secure, stable energy supply. Basing energy policy entirely on fuels that must be imported is a foolhardy dangerous notion that jeopardizes Japan's economy, national security, and public well-being. Using more nuclear power is the most logical choice for Japan, whereas rejecting it due to pathologically exaggerated radiophobia is the most emotional, harmful decision on energy policy it could possibly make.

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Radiation contaminated more than 20,000 square miles and 43 million people in Japan: EU report


Tuesday, February 25, 2014 by: Jonathan Benson

I am totally against a nuke energy for Japan. The nuke energy is not a best choice for Japanese islands of TOFU. It is just not safe. You are not trying hard enough to explore other choices. You need to take a risk for change. No excuse here.

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