Japan to invest ¥1 tril in human resources development over 5 years


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what a way to say you're going to invest a lot of money into nothing to do nothing about nothing.


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Sounds difficult. I wonder if there is a company out there, possibly starting with a D, that they could outsource this kind of job to.

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what a way to say you're going to invest a lot of money into nothing to do nothing about nothing.

Yep. And 1 trillion yen will be needed to do this. More ineptitude and incompetence from the government.

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Very generous. I’ve even never said that I could need 1 trl. for my development. lol

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Trillions here and trillions there.

It’s as if Kishida thinks they will have the BOJ print a trillion yen denominated bill soon?

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is set to announce plans to invest 1 trillion yen over five years in human resources development for growth industries in his speech during an extraordinary parliamentary session to be convened next week, government sources said.

Kishida trying to save his skin by baiting the plebs with their own tax-payers money to be given to somebody else for a non-defined service aimed at a to-be-determined purpose of hitting fuzzy goals.

Also, a spokesman for Dentsu commented: We are content.

The prime minister will present the government's target for annual spending by inbound tourists to recover to over 5 trillion yen by taking advantage of the weak yen.

Kishida being equally desperate to make it look like the crashing Yen can have some upsides by rolling out, yet again, the low tier industry that is tourism, industry that was savaged over the last 3 years and which has most likely been bleeding workers since...(sigh)

A draft of the policy speech, to be delivered when the new session opens next Monday, showed that Kishida will also indicate plans to submit a second supplementary budget this year to finance an economic stimulus package to be finalized in October, and highlight his drive to create a "new form of capitalism" by achieving both growth and distribution.

The fabled "new form of capitalism" which has been pretty much forgotten since the last election is back but unfortunately on financial CPR.

The draft also indicates plans to "promptly submit" a bill to amend the public offices election law to reflect the latest redistricting in single-seat constituencies for the House of Representatives.

What is that one about? Maybe trying to help a few oyajis to save their seat?

In connection with a review of the national security strategy and key documents on defense policy due by the end of the year, Kishida is expected to reiterate his commitment to "protecting peace and stability in Asia and the world by conducting multilayered diplomacy and drastically strengthening defense capabilities."

"by conducting multilayered diplomacy": is Kishida expecting any further need for "funeral diplomacy" in the near future? (#sarcasm)

"drastically strengthening defense capabilities": a spokesman for the US military industry commented: We are content.

Long story short: Kishida desperate to save his job.

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Kishida talks a lot but does JS!

He does go on a lot of plane trips though….

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Kishida is also expected to vow to "sincerely, humbly and respectfully face the severe opinions of the public"

Kishida: I will deploy the maximum amount of adverbs in ignoring the will of the people.

invest ¥1 tril in human resources development

Means more corporate welfare to cronies like Heizo Takenaka at Pasona who will make work more precarious and make workers more than ever divorced from the fruits of their labour.

More dispatchers, labor agencies HR conglomerates etc etc.

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how abt to use these money as support of young families with small kids???

why i always have to think that Fumio is real empty suit?say too much promise too much and do nothing?

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Sounds like a massive LDP slush fund.

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How about investing in giving your people meaningful holidays and not expecting them to work 100 hours overtime a month for no pay??!!

Different face same party!

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On rising inflation, Kishida is expected to warn that electricity prices could surge over a period through next spring and, in order to offset the burden on households and businesses, he will call for "unprecedented and drastic measures,"

In order to offset the burden on household and businesses he will call to save power so your will pay less for electricy! GENIUS!!

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This article is not about public spending on human resources. It's about the disclosure of Kishida's draft speech. It needs a different headline and lead.

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