Japan to keep helping EU bailout: Noda


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that's good because Yen is gaining strength (again) :(

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Perhaps he could focus on his country's money issues and help us out here! I get he wants to polish apples with the EU but this is a bit much for a country that is going to raise taxes to help "rebuild" Tohoku.

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Take care of Japan first, Noda.

Leave all this gratuitous puffery to those who can afford it.

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What stupidity! What are these fools doing with our tax money.

Where are the Japanese citizens with pitchforks throwing this goon out of the window of his plush office?

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Baka! What a fool!

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But if they help the people in Fukushima out financially, Japan will go bankrupt. WTF?

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Thumbs down for everyone it seems. Perhaps those thumbing down might like to give an opinion rather than just take the easy way out?

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Perhaps those thumbing down might like to give an opinion rather than just take the easy way out?

I second that.

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Politicians only look after themselves.

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ECP is going to buy all bad depts and inflate them away. Politicans aren't admitting this, because it is against the law, but they don't have other choice. In yhe other words Noda is going to get his money back, but the worth of the money isn't what it used to be.

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Japan has to consider two things: the Yen will continue to rise - dramatically - when the Euro crisis worsens. Backing the Euro is the most effective way for Japan to fight the rising Yen exchange rates. How come all the people who complained that Japan does nothing about the exchange rate start complaining again when it actually does something?

The other thing is that Japan will probably need help in a not so distant future when speculators put their focus on Japan's own debt. It's not good to alienate those who will have to help you...

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Way to lower the yen is to buy things from overseas, like American coal.

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To help bailout - with what?

If we've got money to throw away like this, then I can only assume we don't need to increase taxation after all.

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WHAT! solve Japan's economic problems first before solving others.

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