Japan to look into summit meeting with China: Nikkei


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"To look into summit"

vague enough to please everyone

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Meanwhile Biden has had several video conferences and likely will meet in person in Bali. Weak leadership by Kishida.

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Will look into holding a summit meeting

Legacy of Japan's wartime aggression

What Kishida will try to achieve by this mabe quasi meeting or online conference?

Japan supports Taiwanese independence but wants to keep the Senkaku Islands ?


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Unification Church should expand into China so the two sides can share then Taiwan and the Islands with the Moonies. Then there will definitely be less animosity.

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Online, really Mr Kishida? A real leader would meet the President in person.

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all means just nothing....empty words meeting without any target or real topic...

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Japan to look into summit meeting with China :

What for, when there would be mutual distrust and insincerity?

It could be more interesting to talk to a blank wall than to have such futile summit meeting..

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Forget the stupid little islands. We should join the Belt and Road and BRICS, and save our sinking ship.

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To think that Japan and China are different is definitely a gap in perception.

Both governments are mired in secrecy, defensive, obsequious and authoritarian.

Both use insidious means to brainwash their respective populations.

China is ahead of the game but Japan is certainly attempting to catch up.

Now they are going headlong into a battle for territory.

Both hardheaded and not prone to compromise these little islands could easily be the start of a future world war…

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No point of a summit with China until it gets new leadership that is capable of leading and dealing with international issues. Jinping is a complete dud and he makes China way to hostile. If it is not done China's way then dont bother. Nobody should deal with them until that changes.

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No point of a summit with China

That's up to Japan, not you. Just wait, USA and its Anglo-Saxon minions will throw a spanner in the works.

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Why bother?

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Japan seems to want, urge, eye, and have constant summits with it's neighbours, but nothing ever seems to change.

Possibly, because nobody is kowtowing to Japan's direction less agenda anymore.

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Pukey2Today 04:34 pm JST


No point of a summit with China

That's up to Japan, not you. Just wait, USA and its Anglo-Saxon minions will throw a spanner in the works.

Sorry if my "opinion" has upset anyone. But I did not suggest it was my decision to make on Japan's behalf. Japan is free to waste its politicians time in any way they wish, including a summit with China.

Interesting you drag the US and its allies into what is a China/Japan discussion. Typical of the pro China web army posters. Also typical of the anti US/West posters. Take a dig at every opportunity. No wonder the west has little faith in China or her supporters as they has so much "anti" in them they are unable to see past that when thinking or speaking of the West.

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Kishida is NOT a friend with China and he will be kicked up very soon, his popularity is falling.

So nothing worth to discuss anymore!

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Japan don't like China, that's understandable, actu

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