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Japan to maintain trade sanctions on Russia for another year


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Don't know why Japan trades with Russia at all. I don't think there's anything that Russia offers that can't be acquired elsewhere. Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine? How about the 4 islands they stole and refuse to give back?

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Interesting that this article specifically mentions salmon and crab ($1 billion/year) but not LNG, oil and coal ($10 billion/year). Perhaps this is so as not to remind us of Japan's exemption from restrictions agreed upon by other G7 nations. Not that I mind benefiting from relatively cheaper energy than Europe, Canada, etc.

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Sanctions and trade with Russia relatively minor. Multi polar world Russia's building with China and BRICS, far riskier in terms of economics/markets & military conflict.

BRICS de-dollarization, real basis for rapidly rising global tensions to include sanctions, multi-polar growing pains.

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You keep going on about BRICS but the only country benefiting from it is China. Honestly, everybody signing up to it are fools.

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It’s going to be bad.


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Japan to maintain trade sanctions on Russia for another year

We will be hearing more on other nations doing the same. Maintaining sanctions on Russia, its businesses and people involved in the invasion of Ukraine for another year.

Multi polar world Russia's building with China and BRICS

Multi polar? The world has been multi polar since the first nations were created. There is good and bad and will always be those who want to conquer the weak like Russia and China are trying to do now, and those who stand in their way. The sides and players change with different times and leaders. Time to grow up and realise your on the evil team of would be conquerors happy to commit murder and destruction in the name of empire building.

Russia is being sanctioned for trying to do exactly that, expand its empire through war and invasion. So nations on the good side are sanctioning it. Most nations, even those not sanctioning, are opposing the invasion when they vote at the UN general assembly. Less than ten nations have openly voted with Russia over its invasion.

So yeah the Multi polar world of good versus evil will always exist. No big surprise. Most people consider themselves on the side of good. Those who dont conquer or build empires through military invasions. Those on the side of Russia and China are on the bad side, so lets hope they wake up before its too late.

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Silly Japan Governent stabbing itself just to please the stupid geopolitical whims of good old US..

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