Japan to move some embassy staff from Ukraine


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what for?

there is no imminent threat of any war.

situation at east part of Ukraine almsot as same as year ago ro so and that time no "moving of staff" was necessary..just listen words of UA president Zelensky more carefully!

once again-no one is going to attack Ukraine.kindly note that.

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what for?there is no imminent threat of any war.'

Agreed. This is just a typical " follow the master" move because the US evacuated some of their embassy staff.

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In plane English Kishida wants popularity.

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once again-no one is going to attack Ukraine.kindly note that.

Yes, but the USA wants someone to start an attack. And, as usual, Japan has no say. It can only do want USA tells it to do.

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The NATO alliance was created in response to the threat of Soviet aggression.

Today, Russia is threatening aggression unless NATO stops defending itself.

Sounds to me like NATO needs to become stronger, not weaker.

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I remember what the Japanese government did to the Japanese people living in Afghanistan. I hope it will not happen this time.

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