Japan to offer $5.9 bil in aid to Bangladesh


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What about the people who lost their in Fukushima? Isn't it better to help your own while they are still living in shelters? what about helping the people relocate to permanent homes? I understand Bengladesh needs help but China is doing better than Japan... why can't they help? this is crap....

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You said it,.....Thank you

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The Japanese government doesn't have $5.9 bil to give to Bangladesh, even with the 8% consumption tax..

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This is loan, not give away. 5 years to lend,

On business board of JT, following info. China used to be the top and now Japan is.

The value of net assets held by the Japanese government, businesses and individuals exceeded the previous year's 296 trillion yen, which was a record under comparable data going back to 1996, ministry officials said.

Japan's net external assets were more than 1.5 times those held by China, the world's No. 2 creditor nation with 207 trillion yen in net assets at the end of 2013, followed by Germany whose assets hit 192 trillion yen, the ministry said.

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Is Abe searching for labor partners to replace China that is growing out of control?...

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It is a growing country, Significant amount pf textiles are exported. It has reduced foreign debt and Goldman Sach etc have eyes to invest there now. I guess Japan is not going to be behind in investing its plan of tech industry development.

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There is a plan to develop a railroad as a bypass from the Strait of Malacca with Bangladesh as the end on the Indian Ocean side and Vietnam on the Pacificside. Once this is finished Japan will have more flexibility in transporting goods.

For this to become a reality we need to have a stable government in Bangladesh which benefits all within the region.

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@SamuraiBlue; Unlike USA, the country paid their debts in time. So, many foreign corporations have plans to invest there. It would be nice its seafood will be exported to Japan more. IBengaru Tiger, we pronounced. Unique.

It will replace Made in China garment that replace mse in Japan textiles. Japan is getting labor shortage. This must be another reason Japan Inc. wanted to expand to Banaladesh.

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How many sweatshops and how much child labor will 5.9 Billion buy?

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japan4life: their population is 130 million. There are bunch of adults in that country, These adult workers, very valuable to Japan Inc. Please check Japan Inc employment agencies' data/ You will see why Japan Inc wexpand to Southern Asia and Southeastern Asia instead of trying to employ in own country. Sweat shop? Not there. Japan Inc compete their automated facilities in wherever go to expand. Workers are trained to automated mechanism in Japan Inc factories. It is not 1940's or 1950's. Japan will invest. the money is not used to buy anything.People there are very intelligence for many generations. t
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I hope you are not trying to say that there are no sweatshops in Bangladesh and there is no problem with Child Labor Abuse. I believe you are saying that Japan companies do not have those types of workplaces and in that respect you are probably correct.

Please search for Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire and then go to the IGHR - Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights website. Look for articles on Bangladesh and you will find that Bangladesh has a dismal record on Safety Standards, Workers Conditions and Rights for both adults and children.

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@jaoan4Life: You are writing to me? Have you visited Bangla and India recently? Have you inspected their facilities? Japan Inc do not employ children. Japan Inc which expand to other countries are operated by Japanese. Please visit any Japan Inc factories in USA, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Seeing with your eyes is more reliable than some kind of documents.

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