Japan to pick career diplomat as next China envoy


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Has there been any information about why Nishimiya died? I suppose there was no autopsy, and I suppose that the circumstances must not be a mystery, but I winder why that information hasn't been released (or has it, and I missed it?).

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I expect the new Japanese ambassador restore a good relationship with China soon before America and european countries expand their share of trades with China during Japan is losing ground. Remember, Panetta was all smiles when he met Chinese politicians in Bejing recently.

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All he's going to do is put a stone face on while being yelled at by the Chinese. This man's job is pointless. I would never want this job.

Didn't the previous appointment suffer a heart attack before he was posted?

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I believe the previous one, mr Niwa, was a good one, however really proper people sometimes could not hold his position under wrong situation. On the contrary, the new guy Mr Masato Kitera can simply handle his job, whenever he do well, people say he's excellent, and even do bad, nobody'll blame to him.

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Wow! Talk about being the lamb for the slaughter. A career diplomat making a career ending choice. Good luck with that job mate. You are gonna need it! Hopefully, he will use one statement, "Ishihara! Shut the $&#% up!"

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Ive read a few articles where it states that Christine Largarde chief of IMF states that the global world doesnt need Japan and China issues arising; wants the two countries fully engaged and that the world cant "afford" their issues arising. Every time I read it, I just think want a contankering old bag, for having no compassion for the situation at hand , and only for her money spreadsheets adding up. I wonder if it would help to tell the IMF that any contributions made to stabilise the Europen region are withdrawn because it isnt affordable right now? Maybe the IMF should look a bit further than their pockets! Do they think scaring the global community with a 'no money yo' is worrying. LOL.

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Has there been any information about why Nishimiya died?

It's the first official declaration. They had not even said he was ill at the time of his funerals. That might be the official version. Imagine you are Noda, and you get the report that he was "assassinated" by agents of a certain country. I think I'd announce he was ill.

I suppose there was no autopsy,

They had announced there was one.

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US, S.Korea and European companies are all simling right now..I currently work for a US company competing with Japanese companies in China....Only thing I have to say is "Thanks Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Abe and Mr. Noda"...for the gift..We love you!!! continue to do what you are doing and my business in China will increase while my Japanese competitors will not!!!

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Poor man, sincerely hope that you will survive the crush at the job. One advice to make your black and white life more interesting: convince Noda to start negotiation with China, and make you the chief negotiator.

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Why don't we just send Ishihara Shintaro to face his own enemy over to China. I'm sure he fits right in. And send Hashimoto Toru too as his secretary.

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