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Japan to pick partner this year for next fighter jet development


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Funny, I could've sworn they were going to buy a ton of Lockheed-made F-35s. You guys know, that fighter that has run way over schedule and over budget.

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We did buy about 120 F-35s with the Pension cash, but as they don’t work very well, we need a back up plan. Having wasted the pension fund, he will have to rise tax to 15% to pay for this one.

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Expensive military equipment does not provide defence where it is needed. It provides no protection against the real threats to the population and well-being of the people. It provides provides defence against only imaginary threats.

Let's defend against real threats.

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Very well said and the absolute truth! Have you noticed how the J-Govt. has no trouble finding money when it comes to projects like this and nobody ever asks how are we going to pay for it.

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The best long term solution from Japan’s point of view would be to join the Tempest project. Access to cutting edge tech, diversification from a sole supplier (while still maintaining existing links) and a benefit to home industries.

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This program will be a massive waste of money for Japanese taxpayers. I smell it is more like a tributary pay towards the American corporations in form of a tax subsidy.

The last batch of F-35s does not pay out so well as we see two Japanese pilots lost their lives over the flaw of the jet. Japan always get the top notch American military before their European partners, except that Americans always give Japanese the flawed ones. They use Japanese as the guinea pigs to protect American lives. The Europeans realized that long times ago after witnessing the Suez Canal Crisis. They formed the EU and created their own military-industrial complex to compete. There is little hope for Japanese defense industry when their own commercial airline program is failing.

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Given the involvement of Chinese "Companies" (a.k.a. CCP) within the UK's Commercial Sector, it may only be a token gesture to consider British Companies.

Hopefully the UK Government will see the light, and break ties with China - no matter how much "free" money is on offer - until the CCP goes, China should be considered a Rogue State with Ulterior motives suiting their own grand Schemes.

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This is all for pride, and a never ending money pit. Bail out now.

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I've got an idea:

How about Japan just not pick a partner and design their own airplane instead?

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"How about Japan just not pick a partner and design their own airplane instead?"

Because Japan expects to sell lots of its cars, electronics, machine tools, etc. in the countries of the possible partners. And if all countries, including the possible partners, had such a "go it alone" policy, then the economy of Japan, being highly export-dependent, would eventually collapse.

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