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Japan to put off tax hike to cover increased defense spending


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done deal no doubt.... taxes up, warmongering up..... Kishida junkets up....

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The focus of the talks is how to fund the envisaged increase in defense expenditures, with some having floated the idea of hiking the corporate tax.

Giving the LDPs crony capitalist track record, I envisage a rise in the corporate tax offset by subsidies to corporations funded by the public treasury and austerity in social programs.

With a rise in the sales tax coming shortly after.

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And Japan wonders why it has an aging population problem. Anyone in the working age group is leaving Japan to work as the taxes are too high. Last year in various taxes going to the govt I paid a total of 60% of my gross income.

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Alongfortheride: "And Japan wonders why it has an aging population problem. Anyone in the working age group is leaving Japan to work as the taxes are too high. Last year in various taxes going to the govt I paid a total of 60% of my gross income."

Exactly! I always crack up when people here say, "Well chortle Japan's taxes are LOW compared to other countries!" They are not.

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LDP~ Lame Degenerate Party.

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looters dont pay.

The 2 percent target will put Japan on par with

Horsecrap. Looters suddenly want "on par with" to fill up a shiny new

offshore account with all their olimpick, investment…etc Just like overseas looters.

All that tax funding so they can safe keep for more rainy days.

Don't even have to try- I know one thing. 80 more years of Looters aint on par with the swedes..

Careful with that axe.

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Any US ally will eventually be forced to increase taxes for increased defense spending, by virtue of the purchase of weapons and protection from the U.S. This has resonance. I heard it before. Yes, Gen Medley D Butler published an essay in 1935 titled “War is a Racket”.

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Probably would be best to invest in the Companies most likely to benefit from Japanese Defense spending The question is, which one's and why ?

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Investing in weapons industry stock, have to decide which one will enable the killing of more people in a more efficient manner. If you have morals and a shred of compassion you should invest in seal clubbing. At least a baby seals skin is worth more then a human skin.

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Just get a bung from the anti-communist Unification Church.

They're always thrilled to help the LDP, surely?

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Defense spending down, taxes down, makes more sense.

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Japan where had increased military budget to buy costly weapons from US last decade, but situation is not improved at all.

Unification Church related group said "Japanese must strengthen military even if they increases tax to four or five times and reduce standard of life", LDP obey to its order.

Japan is about to be military superpower unconsciously in the shade of FIFA world cup and Japanese international squad.

Japanese major media don't mention even security dilemma at all, they are now equal to warmongers.

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Why not be more creative than just increasing consumption tax again? How about an increase on taxes for cigarettes and luxury cars/gas guzzlers and their owners? How about taxing noisy bikes/cars to encourage quieter neighborhoods and less disruption from inconsiderate sports car/bike driving neighbours. Think outside the box for a change..

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Good. No need to hand over more of our yen to the warfare state.

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So look, Japan has tax revenues of about 60 trillion yen. A bit more but forget the extra, it can be used to lay down debt.

As for the 60 trillion yen of revenues, to where it shall be spent should be reconsidered from a zero-basis.

Priorities shall get some of the 60 trillion yen lie.

Non-priorities shall not.

This should be that simple.

Sorry, but the wasteful spending will just end, and Japan will be on a path to financial reconstruction for a change.

Not rocket surgery, was it?

Additionally, Japan could use some pro-growth reforms to boost the economy too - that would boost revenues. But hiking tax rates is not pro-growth, it negates growth.

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