Japan to send vice minister to Iran to build economic ties


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Make friends, not enemies.

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Japan to send vice minister to Iran to build economic ties and to get some cheap oil!?

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Iran's inexpensive oil is better than listening to Russian oil sales pitch.

Arabian Night country is warm. He does not have to worry snow/

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If Japan had its act together on renewables, we might be able sell Iran some alternative energy capabilities rather than continue to feather the nests of Big Oil.

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@SenseL What kind of renewake energy are you talking? Iran never was interested in such out of dated subject. It has too much oil and even nuclear tech that scares US,

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I'm not advocating war on Iran, but I don't think we should do trade deals with theocratic countries. I think you can make an argument that Russia and even China are acceptably democratic for dealing with, but countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia? We shouldn't be backing their dictatorial and oppressive governments by trading with them.

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@ Sense and Toshiko, perhaps the minister could see about buying some renewable energy tech. While the Americans and Israelis have been screaming like tin foil hat wearers about the dangers of Iran's IAEA inspected and certified (by the inspectors, though not the politicians who are the board) civilian nuclear energy and medicine program, they've been matter of factly developing the other noncarbon energy sources (especially hydro and wind) at the same time.

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Probably Japan buy oil from Iran instead of from Russia and sell TV and mini cars to Iran? or HS trains?

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Few years ago, Japan imported $8 billion worth of goods from Iran, 99 percent of which was crude oil. But private Japanese companies are also yearning to do business with Iran again, given its market of 80 million consumers. Especially Japanese cars and electronics manufacturers want to reenter the market.

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sell TV and mini cars to Iran

Toshiko, you've been away for too long. Japan can compete on neither of these.

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Iran TV are not thin screen model yet Old Sony is still popular in Iran.. BTW Sony is no longer TV maker. You are comparing your country and Iran,

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