Japan to unfreeze Libyan assets


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Part of $4.4bil...= 1/4th? will it affect yen exchange rate?

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So Japan stole someone else's money, then gave it to violent terrorists who killed tens of thousands of people to over throw the government and sell all the people's oil to France and Britain.

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decision was in line with other countries, including Britain, France and the United States

These countries will be spending money on fighting terrorism in Libya very soon.

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Good luck to the new rulers of Libya. Facing a hard task. And to people here talking about terrorism...well, Gaddafi was the biggest terrorist of them all. Decades of depraved dictatorship finally came to an end. And anyone who knows just a bit of Libyas population would know that a lot of people strive for a moderate version of Islam and sure it wont be an easy task since Gaddafi pretty much spent a lot of time playing tribes and fractions against eachother...but now is the time for a new beginning.

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This is stealing, plain and simple. The terrorists of the NTC do not deserve a single cent. And shame on Japan. This proves that the current government of Japan is nothing but a sad little lapdog of western imperialism. For shame.

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@Tim Bedwell! What the blankety, blank, blank are you talking about? Please educate me on what your qualm is with them getting their assests unfrozen. It is not Qaudaffi's government. The new government of Libya needs funds. What is the problem? Somebody please explain to me, what the problem is?

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