Suga says it is important to maintain G7 framework


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What form? Carnival

What's the point when no one cares about the host. Might as well cancel it under the guise of COVID-19. And also practical as all staff and leaders would have to quarantine 14 days or more after anyway.

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Abe has cabin fever. 2 luxury jumbo jets but nowhere to fly to.

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Japan's top government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga, said on Tuesday it was extremely important to maintain the framework of Group of Seven (G7) meetings.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga also said it is up to the United States, this year's chair country, to decide what form the forthcoming summit meeting will take.

@rse, meet elbow.

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@sf2k, good point. I'll add only that if Trump invites Putin the leaders of the other G7 countries should pull out. Trump needs a good slap in the face. Of course, he won't get it from Abe, but the others can do it.

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So Suga was saying how important it was to keep the framework, but at the same time, he saying it’s up to United States, which is the host of the summit, to decide the format. Am I the only one on here who was a bit confused by those two statements?

Doesn’t that sound like a bit of a contradiction?

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And since the United States is the host this time around, then it is up for the United States to decide. Meaning that it didn’t make much sense for Suga to say what he said in the first place.

And is it really much of a surprise way Trump would one to invite Putin for these sorts of things? Considering the fact that those two have a close relationship that we know that they have?

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