Japan, U.S. in final stage in TPP consultation: Amari


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I have been in Japan since March this time. I am now for the TPP for the people of Japan as the national health care system of Japan is broken. Government is involved too much here, and there is no flexibility for change.

Japanese hospitals are not qualified to be called as hospitals. They are just clinics in US standard. Emergency response is too slown for critical care, not well equipped with qualified trained personnels. There are NO special caregiving nurses who can perform special skills.

With TPP, hopefully, some American medical doctors and specialists, American hospitals can treat them here in Japan. We may be able to bring some changes in Japanese health care system that has been dead. It is just pathetic!!

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You sound like some American propagandist. Try their healthcare system, it is designed to enrich the insurance companies and nothing more. If you work for a living, even an upper middle class living, do not get sick. I agree with fightforjustice, if TPP is so great, why all the secrecy?

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fightforjustice Stops deceive Japan as if you are inviting TPP as a sweet treat to Japan!!!! TPP is global corporate take over disguised as trade deal!! And you are about to colonize Japan with your formidable political power and with your deceitful sweet tongue. People in Japan are very outraged of this deceit !!!! Japan has the most perfect hospital system in a world!!! We do not wish to have troublesome expensive U.S hospital system!!!!!!

Exactly. American hospital system seeks only profit. Unnecessary surgeries, medical errors, will also happen in Japan too. Health is not a commodity.

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Health is not a commodity.

DISAGREE. Health CARE should be treated as a commodity as a concept. Otherwise, there is no competition in medicine to find a cure.

Japan has the most perfect hospital system in a world!!!

DISAGREE. It is only perfect under your definitions IMHO. In my opinion, Japanese health care system is broken.

Many Japanese sick patients are not treated for cure with most updated medications and technologies due to red tapes of Japanese government.

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