Japan, U.S. look to extend naval missions

By Tim Kelly

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The Us and their Abe puppet are bringing Japanese people to the war after 70 years of peace! :(

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Need to extend naval missions around the Senkakus. Some fishing boats clearly don't know where their national waters are.

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The US don't care to involve Japan in some crazy war, of course. Japan is more exposed than the US to possible attacks from China in case of war. Abe is happy to follow the US agenda because he is a militarist and a nationalist, but most of Japanese people don't share his and American view.

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The Us and their Abe puppet are bringing Japanese people to the war after 70 years of peace! :(

Get a grip, Japan isn't the one that's attempting to claim half of the South China Sea. If a war occurs any time soon, it will be due to Chinese or North Korean belligerence. Abe is only doing what any sane person would do when threatened - arm themselves.

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Get a grip, Japan isn't the one that's attempting to claim half of the South China Sea.

Indeed, what is happening in the South China Sea isn't Japan business. But the US is pushing Japan rearmament according to their strategy in the area to keep their hegemony, and only Abe and the ones like him are happy (few people, like the polls about this matter show).

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This is mostly about increasing profits for the military related industries at the expense of tax payers and two hegemonic powers wanting to insure access to cheaper oversea's labour and resources.

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Alex80Apr. 01, 2015 - 06:56AM JST The Us and their Abe puppet are bringing Japanese people to the war after 70 years of peace

Only if the Chinese miltarist dictatorship starts a war.

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I wonder if Mitsubishi and Kawasaki bluffing of Aussie submarine bidding is because of this info they had. Better to sell to Japan than Aussie that needs to depend on Chinese AIIB?

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World War I is an example of a war that was caused more or less by accident. The system of interlocking treaties meant that what started off as a regional war quickly expanded into a World War that no one wanted, and which brought ruin to all. Let us learn from history, and not repeat it.

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The Chinese Navy, PLAN, is an OK force on paper as is the JMSDF. Only the USN has real experience, but the operational tempo of the 7th Fleet has led to a degree of wear.

In this context, the PLAN knows it does not match up to the 7th Fleet, especially if the latter is buttressed by JMSDF assets. So the best posture for the PLAN is A2/AD -- anti-access, area denial. This is primarily asymmetry, knowing that the USN -- and the JMSDF -- does not tolerate losses, and hence is to a large degree risk averse. So, what should China do?

Exactly what it is doing. Do small scale construction on islands and force an uptick in the operational tempo of reactive forces. If the USN and JMSDF assets bite, so much the better. In the meantime, China works on anti-ship missiles that can potentially sink a capital ship, which then could force the USN to operate further away.

So the question is how much risk is Japan prepared to stomach. We are not talking Jutland or Midway or even the Java Sea. We are talking about minor interactions, with some danger of risk of escalation, in the context of poor communications.

It is a real problem, and I hope Japan is prepared for the consequences of a more robust role.

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Peace everyone

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Ill manner Commie China instigated the problems in the region. Cowardly bullying their weak neighbors will not pay. Commie Chinese military hardware will never ever match with the US and Japan.

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We can all see China's turning into a huge monster in the region willing to push people over to grow their economy. Their aggression is just going to keep escalating with internal issues rising. Abe can see that clearly and as Japan's Prime Minister is duty bound to protect his nation. Yeah, most people in Japan don't want to get involved with conflict. Presumably the same is true for everyday people in China. But the Chinese Government doesn't give a damn, they intend to grow, spread their borders, and take more from the region.

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Japan needs to expand naval missions. For starters, they could contribute to the assistance of their own nationals abroad in hot spots such as Yemen and ME.

The Chinese navy had just successfully evacuated more than 900 people from war-torn Yemen (most evacuees chinese nationals). Perhaps the Japanese Navy is capable of such feats in far-flung waters?

For pacifist Japan, missions like these are within their scope of duty.

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