Japan, U.S. remain far apart on TPP trade talks: Amari


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Good luck to him. We need some good news.

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The whole TPP idea is dead in the water. Those who started the body should have completed the negotiations before they agreed to let Japan join late. As with collapse of the Doha Round years ago, Japan's attitude to agricultural protectionism is non-negotiable. The sooner the world realizes this, the better. Then again, now that Japan is a full cast member of the TPP pantomime, there is no way of going forward. Perhaps it is time for the free-trade acolytes around the Pacific to give up on the TPP idea and instead try something else without Japan.

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America walks into the room and expects everyone to cede to its demands, there are other nations involved in this TPP fiasco, from memory I think the US was a some what late arrival too, 2011 is when they joined.

From what I understand The 2005 Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPSEP or P4) is a trade agreement among Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore. Others are johnny join latelys and now want to dominate the proceedings.

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It seems that Japan and US would hardly agree on TPP as both would never compromise. After all Japan would give up to join it.

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Doing a free trade agreement should be easy. Before joining, you say, "We will accept all of your goods if you accept ours," having already done the political groundwork at home.

There should be no negotiating in this. You either agree to accept to benefits to the greater economy and join, or you back down to protected groups and don't apply for membership. Japan should just say ' mata kondo' and try again next time.

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I am indeed saddened to see the inside out of the Japanese opinions. There appears to be a phobia about mentioning American atrocities to the Japanese during WWII. It is still harder to believe that in Japan those who loves their nation and wanted to defend with dignity without any string being attached to America are considered idiot. It appears that Japan has been bought by the capitalist (Ltd). Japan appears to be up for sale, their policies are conditioned by corporate opinions and other powerful sovereign states like America. Who owns this Japan Today? Is this press advocating Japanese interest or trying to please some powerful entity for its corporate survival? Are those who love Japan a minority in Japan? Does the Trade Policy conditioned Japanese Foreign Policy? or is Japanese National Security conditioned Japanese Foreign Policy? So long as trade is the parameter for defining Japanese foreign policy, Japan will reach nowhere. Gone 21st century and Japan will still be there as it is today, i.e., Japan will still be under the overarching protection of other countries. Much of the hype inflammatory reactions are condoned by powerful entity. Japanese were forced to lived on quilts committed by their past ancestors which the younger generations have no control of their own. They only own the moral responsibilities. I am afraid I am appearing more Japanese than the real Japanese....

Now on the TPP, let us be very fair once again. America produce no rice, they only produce corn. It will be the East Asian countries from which the most staple food of Japan are to be produced. What America can give is only WEAPONS and false sense of security. In actual confrontation America will not be in a position to intervene, doing so will mean annihilating the whole world. At the same time, America will use the so call 12 nations as a tool among themselves. America will always emerge as a champion when such situation arises.

Q. What does America want from the Asia-Pacific Rim Nations? Ans. America want military Bases in these region. America wanted to create the same Middle East situation in Asia-pacific.

Q. Why? Ans. They want 21st Century to remain as American Century or else the future of America is gone. They have already declared Obama as America's First Pacific President. What? who crown him that title? American Corporates and policy makers. America can survive only when it takes a foothold in Asia-pacific.

And now this TPP is going to determine Japanese Foreign Policy? .....leave it to the policy makers of Japan or American Policy makers?.....

Japan can have a multilateral trade agreement within the East Asian Nations First under certain Multinational Trade Corporations. These East Asian countries can also have military alliances besides trade partnership. Then only in the name of this East Asian Conglomerate enters into Agreement with America if indeed requires at all. This will definitely strengthen and safeguard not only the Japanese interest but the whole regional interest as well. It will always be the Whole Region as One, and America. Otherwise each 12 nation will try to gain their own interest thereby allowing America to be the Champion of this region. Therefore there should be two agreement, First Agreement within the East Asian Pacific Nations and later, the East Asian Pacific Nations with America. no time...........

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Japan, U.S. remain far apart on TPP trade talks

It's not only Japan and the US that are far apart on this issue.

I don't think any country is interested - except the U.S.A., of course - the only country that would benefit from it.

The U.S.A. has to learn to live with other people.

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...declared Obama as America's First Pacific President.

I would have thought that William McKinley was "America's First Pacific President".

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I am not too a fan of free trade just for the sake of free trade and I am always suspicious with USA intention which tend to vary according to internal political agenda.

But having said that, opening a bit the Japanese market is the only way to modernize the japanese companies that are getting far behind in term of competitive ability.

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It's not only Japan and the US that are far apart on this issue.

I don't think any country is interested - except the U.S.A., of course - the only country that would benefit from it.

The U.S.A. has to learn to live with other people. Nicely told, and their decision to push talks to end before new year was also the meaning that what is writed there is only good for them, and the pushed as hell other nation representatives . Not to mention they wanted that, what is signed , is final, there is no nations parliament to decide if it is good or bad, but funny, now even USA congress dont want that, they want to see that TPP deal is totally perfectly tailored for USA economy .

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Well, what a surprise there is no agreement between Japan and the US! The US spent years and millions of dollars putting this agreement together, which is quite agreeable and fair to 'most' countries involved. Japan was aware of this agreement from the outset, but said nothing. Now, three years later, they are disputing and requesting special compensations because 'they are Japanese' and the rest of the Pacific nations are supposed to give in to their BS. Well, I say, "Truck 'em!" Let Japan wallow in their self-serving apathy and be the 'alien nation' they so desperately try to defend! Japan is a puddly little island that needs the world's economy to survive. If they wanna play hard-ball and make up their own rules then they should be left to suffer the consequences of their own ignorance.

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TPP does not even benefit the US. It only benefits the corporations. Watch as the US gets slowly eaten away by the corporations.

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TPP does not even benefit the US. It only benefits the corporations. Watch as the US gets slowly eaten away by the corporations.

So true. As far as the coporations and "the banks" eating away the US, I'd say they're finished with the main course and ready for dessert. Not sure what, who or how we can be saved from this Idiocracy, but I'm hoping for a solar EMP event.

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As I stated early last year, Japan should not be invited into the TPP talks. Japanese farmers have too much political pull, the protection will stay in place.

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@mahongnao: You say: "the US produces no rice, only corn." You've got to be kidding me. California alone (that's a state in the U.S.) produces more than 2 million tons of rice per year. Ever eat a JR ekiben? If so, you ate organic California rice. Please learn about the world before you comment on it.

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@ B.B.Q.DemonFEB. 22, 2014 - 11:23AM JST -" You've got to be kidding me. California alone alone produce 2 million tons of rice -.... blah blah.....

Well I agreed with your statement that California produce 2 million tons of rice, but what about the 580 million tons of rice produced by Asia Pacific? What will you say? This Asia Pacific accounts to 90% of total rice production in the world. That is to say that the whole other remaining countries of the world produce only 10% out of the total 100%. If america wants to sell their 2 million tons of rice in Asia Pacific because America do not eat rice as their staple diet, than where will Asia Pacific go and sell its rice production which accounts to 90% of the world rice production? Don,t try to sell your crab idea.....

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Obama has only his agenda,his way.

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TPP is like (what some would say) a japanese woman in bed. They don't really want to give anything. Its all kawaii on the outside, but they make you give more than what they give. Give and take are important. Ever been to a konbini? Ever buy one of those sandwiches? The meat all rolled up in the front, but in the back, just bread. They are deceivers.

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