Japan-U.S. ties stronger after Trump and Abe golf: U.S. congressman


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Trump also set aside campaign pledges to force Japan to pay more for U.S. defense aid.

Seems to me that Trump is going to hold this threat over the head of Abe in any and all negotiations in the upcoming future.

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Well I guess all that hand holding worked wonders! Wonder if there was any GRABBING going on behind closed doors?

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Because of a golf-game the relationship becomes solid; it just reflects how superficial & exaggerated it can be. The underlying complex tension in North Asia is escalating steadily; North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan & the USA....the probability of bad outcome & conflicts is rising. And on top of that in Europe, a bigger shocker than Brexit for the world is building up; a surprise Le-Penn victory in France & the likelihood of black-swan event of the breaking-up of EU.

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A good personal relationship means a good state to state relations?

Was that a bit ......naive?

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In US TV clips,, Abe won golf but it looked like Trump, the tall man made sure Abed won. Abe doesn't play golf in Japan, ooes he? Akin was more diplomatic. She. eased tensioned Melaia's mind. Media was kind to Abe couple.

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" Abe doesn't play golf in Japan, ooes he?"

Abe does play golf in Japan, in fact one of his golfing outings shortly before going to the US was in the news. As have been many of his other golfing trips. His wife, whose name is Akie, not Akin, also plays golf. In fact it was reported that she also took her own golf set on the recent US trip to have in case she was invited to play golf. But that Trump did not invite her as he probably wanted to have Mr Abe alone to be able to better discuss important issues.

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The two leaders also played golf.

I think that was established in the title. Maybe he should play golf with Chinese leaders and fix everything in one afternoon.

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@Education:Thank you. I'm glad you always write fact on any topics. I thought he was eating candy

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Forging a better relationship, yet haters gotta hate. Pathetic!

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Abe must have learned a thing or two from the hostess bars he used to frequent.

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One of congressman trying to please Trump.

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