Japan, U.S. tiptoe into new phase of TPP talks


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Seems like the Yomiuri was right; a deal was agreed upon. Probably won't see anything more until after mid-term elections.

Japan does seem have gotten a pretty good deal. You should check out the article over at Yomiuri; basically, Japan will cut tariffs on beef and pork to 9% over 20 years, keep its tariffs on rice and sugar and keep its non-tariff barriers like safety measures and price fixing (but lower domestic prices of beef and pork to compensate).

All-in-all, Amari should be praised. Considering the US will effectively end many of its tariffs (including auto), Japan is getting a damn good deal.

Now we only have to hope that Japan's national health care won't be effected by TPP, the investor-state dispute clause will be thrown out and we're absolutely golden.

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Please don't bring on the fudges and exclusions, Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, the very definition and all the promises, this agreement must be a thoroughly free market pact.

If Japan and US feel this deal is not a good fit just walk away.

Participating countries must be ready and understand fully the terms of the Free Trade Agreement. The very emphasis on a very high level of free trade purity is doubted on the part of the US Congress that free trade deals ever really result in actually opening up of foreign markets.

The US South Korean Free Trade Agreement, is a example, the whole deal was sold on the premise that the deal would result in quantifiable US exports and at the same in a reduction in the US trade deficit, well it had the opposite effect, US exports are lagging despite the apparent opening abroad, and the US trade deficit has grew larger.

The TPP is being presented as the Gold Standard for future free trade deals and US want Japan and eventually South Korea involved. The Japanese agriculture sector is protected behind a punitive wall of tariffs that reach over 500%, it is this sector that can determine politically whether a party stays in office. This powerful sector has made it crystal clear It does not want Japan to join the TPP.

So to get Japan on board and have a deal concluded, the TPP will have to be satisfied with 'reducing' protection and/or 'lowering' tariff walls.

“There are these parameters, and there are trade-offs among parameters. The deeper the cut in the tariff, the longer time it may take to get there”.....The EU would be 'proud' this trickery.

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Does Japan do not need agricuture? Is it possible to be without for a nation to survive?

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Japan is being extremely foolish by not jumping at the TPP. It will win sure that Abenomics goes full circle. Japan needs people to spend more to make the sales tax increase a worthwhile ploy. To do this, they need to flood the market with cheap imported goods and produce. It is their price fixing and agricultural subsidies that created the huge public debt in the first place and for a reason that defies my logic they are determined to hang onto it. It just doesn't make sense!

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Japan and U.S.: Please just stop. TPP isn't for the two of you. It's just a lot of talk to keep China in line. At best, Japan will get its way and keep its high taxes on food imports in order for the U.S. to keep an ally near China/Russia strong. Japan is to the U.S. as Cuba was to the USSR, except Japan milks it better.

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How could Abe, a nationalist, sell Japan to the US?

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For big agricultural exporters such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia, access to Japan’s markets might offset doubts about the intellectual property rules.

“Once it’s clear that there is going to be a U.S.-Japan deal that is perceived to be a good deal for everybody ... there will be decisions made,” the aide said. “There will be trade-offs, trade-offs not just in the market access talks but trade-offs within the rules package as well, across the entire agreement.”

Will all the U.S. bashers here PLEASE read the above? It states what myself and others have been saying for months. The U.S. is playing hard-ball with Japan because they know if they can get Japan to wake up and join the 21st century with regards to the global economy, if even reluctantly, the rest of the TPP group will fall in line. Like I said the other day, its called "tough love". And Japan needs a strong dose of it right now.

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How will the TPP benefit the US? Even with the removal of tariffs, it is up to the distribution companies to bring in US goods and actually sell them. But it is oligopoly in Japan and very nationalistic, so foreign products have no chance to take a large share of the market.

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