Japan, U.S. business leaders call for more efforts toward free trade


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The problem I see is these business leaders are two faced and speaks with forked tongue. On one hand they promote rules based, but on the other hand, they want to profit off of state subsidized labor, slave labor and envenronmental vandalism.

IF they truly want rules based, then they must stand behind bilateral free trade between rules abiding countries. The WTO rules for global free trade on the other hand is just a front for slave labour and state subsidized chain to flourish at the expense of rules abiding workforce.

BTW, ask why these same business leaders are putting money behind Biden.

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To end the lose-lose trade wars, get rid of Trump.

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If the media is to be believed, even if Biden gets in office the trade attitude toward China at least stays the same. If not, we can just go back to the win-lose trading that the US had in Asia for decades I guess.

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The headline should read "Japan, U.S. business leaders call for more efforts toward destroying the nations that make their miserable corporations possible". Companies that have production in China should have their Chinese revenues, not net incomes, but revenues, taxed heavily to deter their treachery.

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Not with America. With Europe and China and Asia .Please use common sense.Japan has old and too slow systems.

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