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Japan, U.S. defense chiefs to to discuss alliance, security


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I often wonder why they need reaffirming every other week? I mean, isn't once enough? Or is there not trust between America and Japan? I would think Japan would clearly and effectively .... Ah! Got it. Japan loves meetings after meetings..... My bad.

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Michael MachidaToday  09:10 am JST

I often wonder why they need reaffirming every other week? I mean, isn't once enough? 

These meetings are not just for the sole purpose of reaffirmation of previous agreements. They serve as meetings where ideas are closely exchanged for additions and revisions to the current agreement to maximize it's effectiveness.

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American public is the decider,we do not follow in any suicide pact

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You know why Japan needs frequently "Reaffirment" from her boss, U.S.?

Because a high price has to pay for getting involved with the war in Taiwan and Korea. Japan understood China is getting the upper edge as times goes by, everyday China is getting stronger and Japan has lost the confident over America. You won't see those reaffirming during cold war decades about the Soviet Union!

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During the Chinese civil war, Korean war and Vietnam war, no countries need to be so panic as today like Japan's monthly or weekly request for safety reaffirment from American boss like today because those wars were fought on the Asia mainland and never will spread across the sea. But the fact of today after Pelosi stirred up the troubles by visited Taiwan, China has the capability to attack Taiwan in 360 degree and enduring for weeks long. Chinese ICBM & SLBM can reaching the western hemisphere, these are real extensions of conflict. When Mr.Abe said : Taiwan in crisis means Japan in crisis. Japan has already involved a conflict that isn't belong to her affordability!

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I hope our defense alliance remains strong. I support Japanese development and acquisition of nuclear weapons if necessary to protect the freedom of the US, Japan and all nations within our sphere of mutuality.

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I always enjoy reading “what the American public” are feeling and thinking.

There must be a website out there or something that informs on how we feel or think.

You can ask Russia about Americans leaving their their allies and friends in their time of need.

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If Japan attempt to acquire nuclear weapons no matter produced by her own or share using with U.S.....the consequences are Russia, China dropping their "No first use policy" and producing more nukes in return.

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