Japan, U.S. sign document on cooperation for lunar exploration


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Signs document for luner co operation, how about fixing both governments luner attitudes towards people. Before worrying about a lifeless orb.

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Dear leader, please take my pension money and give it America. Moon bases and offensive weapons please.

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Signs document for luner co operation, how about fixing both governments luner attitudes towards people. Before worrying about a lifeless orb.

The thing is that even homeless people in Japan will be happy to hear a news reporting Japanese astronauts landing on the Moon. They may even contribute some money for the project.

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Manned space flight is so dangerous and costly, I would like to see all the nations of Earth cooperate in space exploration.

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with Japan aiming to send astronauts to the moon in the latter half of the 2020s.

That's good timing.

They will be able to buy their supplies of the Chinese who will already be there.


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We won't really get much real information from them. Good for media and PR. Wish them luck.

P.S. If you see an alien how about a selfie with him/her. I hear there are many.

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Its mind boggling that there hasn't been a man on the moon in almost 50 years.

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Japan should have more budget to explore and preserve a vast sea dimension around equivalent to 6th biggest country in the world with the water territory. Moon?Nothing there. Only a big dispute vs China and Russia. Lost of money this project.

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Poland is sending probes to Mars using cube-sat technology.


The cost of getting small payloads to Luna and other bodies in our solar system has dropped drastically thanks to the commercialization of launch capabilities - and competition.

At this price point, Universities can launch their own payloads.

Putting humans in space is crazy expensive. It brings problems we haven't begun to solve and is necessary for the human race to spread out into the galaxy so we don't die off as a species. Since 1972, humans haven't been outside the protective sphere of the Earth's magnetic field. We know it is dangerous out there. Early probes sent to Jupiter all failed due to radiation from that planet. Most of Jupiter's moons have so much radiation that humans can't live.

Space flight is a necessity for humans. The Earth is a death trap, but we probably have some time. There are many extinction events that can decimate 100% of humans on Earth - climate change is NOT on that list, BTW. The speed at which we go into space is 100% political. India, China, Israel, Japan, NZ, and the US are the current batch of launch leaders. Permanent, self-supporting, sites are necessary at some point.

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With OUR tax payments???. PLS stop CORONA V first.

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Why invest money in space if some people are still poor?.... What kind of logic is that.

Why invest money in anything else if people have coronavirus.

Lets go back to living in caves, give up your phone and computer, all the technology you depend upon, you don't deserve.

You'll always have people who want to keep the human race behind, who want to keep Japan behind.

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@garymalmgren actually, if they make it to the moon by the late 2020s, it’ll still be before China. China themselves said, that at best, they could get to the moon by 2030. And that’s the soonest they could get there.

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