Japan-U.S. trade talks to be delayed after new U.S. tariffs on China

By Yoshifumi Takemoto

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I hope Japan continues to protect their farmers and fishermen. Trump is a failure when it comes to business. His extremely low credit rating and business failures says it all. He is a temporary blimp on the historical screen. After he is gone the world can get back to normal trade policies.

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Japan should see its future with China....

Good luck with that. China is on an official mission to become self-sufficient and globally dominant in all the key technologies and industries, with the aim of cutting its dependence on others.

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Good going for POTUS Trump keep the pressure up. The US does not need China for its procurement, Vietnam, Indonesia, there are many countries out there to spread the wealth and not monopolize or squeeze its neighbors like China is doing. Japan needs to be wary of China

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@Matt Hartwell

''They'' don't, because ''they'' want to protect ''them''selves from foreign competition.

First of all, not all American produced food is GM, and second, why not let the Japanese people decide what they wanna buy for themselves, instead of telling them what they should and shouldn't? It's because the whole GM health issue mantra is a pretext for the Japanese agriculture lobbies-run bureaucrats to not allow foreign competition.

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Historical necessity has got us, inexorably, to where we are now. That the magic pudding must surely one day stop giving was always on the cards and the wily Japanese surely have contingency plans in place for dealing with an America that is doing one of its periodic turning inwards in response to historical forces that, albeit perceivable, are beyond its control. With regard to trade, assume henceforth that America will likely treat Japan EXACTLY as Japan has treated America.

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The entire world should give Trump what he's looking for: solitude. . .

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The best thing that could happen for the Japanese people would be to fully open its agriculture market, not just open cracks.

Do they allow GM foods into Japan? I don't know honestly. Although I understand the sensitivity is more about livelihoods in Japan rather than GM but still. American produce doesn't enjoy a great reputation tbh.

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"new U.S. tariffs on China"

I believe Trump has China's attention now.

"Tokyo wants to avert steep tariffs on its car exports and fend off U.S. demands for a bilateral free trade agreement that could force it to open sensitive markets such as agriculture."

The best thing that could happen for the Japanese people would be to fully open its agriculture market, not just open cracks. I saw Calrose California rice being sold in a Japanese supermarket at a wildly inflated price ( it was about the same price as Japanese brands ).

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There is really no way that Trump will agree to joining the TPP. Quiting the TPP was one of his main campaign promisses. He cannot do anything to upset his base. Japan should see its future with China rather than the USA.

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