Japan, U.S. to enhance ties with Solomon Islands amid China clout


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The senior U.S. diplomat, who is currently on a multileg tour of South Pacific nations, reiterated the United States' commitment to reinvesting in its relationship with Pacific island nations amid China's increasing influence in the region.

Invest with what?


Seriously, the message is loud and clear in the Pacific, that the Biden administration is more pro Beijing than Beijing itself. the Chinese has been doing the rounds telling Pacific stakeholders 'look at Joe Biden, he is distancing himself from Pelosi'.

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USA just want to make new army base there to have area under control and Japan as their puppet are in role of supporter and "assistant".

Australia have lost own ground there for good and SI gov have made agreement with China already.Another sign that USA is loosing own ground and positions around the world.One by one nation rejecting US policies and hegemony.

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All China wants to do is set up military bases on all the island and make toll roads for anyone to pass through which would block trading and allow them to set up their own economic zones controlling and limiting traffic. China ways of giving or should I say taking advantage of small countries is providing teaser economic loan conditions, building the infrastructure of that country knowing the country would not be able to make the loan payments because the interest rate would be so high. This explains where all the citizens in China money is going the bank of China has it all they are taking it and using it to tie up poor third world countries knowing the countries will never be able to make the loan payment when due. !! China owns them for life. Look at Africa now the Africans want them out! They went their and raped the land for its resources Africa is now in a big loan mess with the Chinese!

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