Japan unveils fresh ¥2 tril inflation relief package


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Only stopgap measures

Pay me to put more solar panels on my house and it’ll be good for 20 years

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I only believe it, when I see it in cash or on Mynumber-Account.

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Don’t have a kid pay more tax, have a kid get my tax money.

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Russia's war in Ukraine sent energy costs surging last year amid supply concerns. The spike in crude oil and other commodity prices, coupled with the yen's sharp drop relative to the U.S. dollar and other currencies, has dealt a blow to Japan, which relies heavily on imports to meet domestic energy needs.

Nice narrative but not correct one.Russia selling own oil and gas to India etc at lower discounted price and Japan could do so as well.

But as we all know befehl ist befehl,have to play role of us poodle and act like that so antirussian sanctions etc drove prices up here virtually for everything.

this is reality dear Kyodo.Japan as energy poor country have shoot in own leg-all just in name of US interests.

About "cash handouts" this is both unfair and will not help at all as this is one time thing.Unfair because selecting tax payers for supported ones and unsupported ones,in other words in case if you tried your best and get even slightly more than some LDP crook will decide as "low income level" you are punished as you will get no "cash handout"-nothing.your kids,your family means less for LDP than others.but yes we are before elections and this populism may work good for LDP electorate.

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