Japan's upper house expresses concern over rights in China regions


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Japan's upper house adopted a resolution Monday expressing concern over the human rights situations in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and other regions of China.

Japan should focus on fixing domestic human right before try tell other to fix human right issue.


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For the most part, "human rights and other universal values" have just become a hypocritical stick all over the world with which to beat other nations. It shouldn't be like that. They are universal values because they transcend narrow nationalism. And, if your country doesn't really think so then it should not have signed up to the Universal Declaration or should withdraw. If not, it deserves forensic scrutiny of its human rights record and shaming, if necessary.

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talk in accord with US narratives -or "as expected".

how abt Japan will start to take care about home problems first?

poverty,drugs,violence,sexual deviants...list is endless...

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They are already imitating the pathetic baseless rhetoric that the US uses to try to stop the locomotive growth of China.

Japan will start to take care about home problems first?

poverty,drugs,violence,sexual deviants...list is endless...

Easy drama queen, don't overdo it..

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Referring to Japan's PAST military aggression, Mao said Tokyo has a bad record on human rights and that it cannot cover up its own misdeeds by criticizing other countries.


That was over 75 years ago.

Since that time China has

1950 Annexation of Tibet

1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre

Committed genocide against the Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Crack down on Hong Kong freedoms and removing anyone they want to China where no one knows where.

Building islands out of submerged reefs and claiming areas of the seas, which belong to other neighbouring nations.

Threaten Taiwan with invasion.


and there more than that.

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Why is China building hundreds of thousands of COVID quarantine modules if they are backing off the COVID Zero mandates? It is clear to me this will be their new control method, to massively jail anyone found near protests against the CCP anywhere in China.

At this point, Covid is 1.3% of the Chinese economy and the govt mandates that people get tested constantly, pay for that mandated testing, can toggle their COVID status application on the phones to be green/yellow/red at will, and ask or force people to go to covid quarantine locations AND pay for the privilege to be forced to be there. Basically, the CCP has created a new economy to punish asymptomatic people for an illness they don't have, force them to pay to stay somewhere they don't want to be, while losing work and pay.

Some video of this: https://youtu.be/tRNwqBKVWlw ... notice the covid quarantine "pods" that to farther than the eye can see?

That's the new China. Massive human rights violations all over the country.

The right to decide what's best for you and your family is one of the most basic human rights.

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When it comes to human rights issues Japan shouldn't be pointing the finger at any other countries until they stop their own human rights problems domestically / in Japan

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The problem is that what counts as basic human rights in the wider world have no bearing inside China. The depravities that happen to people and minorities inside China is allowable and state sponsored. That being the case they are unable to reconcile their lawful actions inside China with human right abuse. As far as they are concerned it is not abuse, just business as usual.

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There are no rights, in China, other than what the CCP says you have, and that changes too....

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