Japan urges Australia to help stop anti-whaling activists


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"We told Australia to stop letting Australain citizens interfer with us when Our Official 'Government of Japan' boat ignores Australia's demand to not enter the EEZ, then we go 170km closer to the Australian coastline and stalk an Australian port"



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We told the embassy that we regretted such an obstructive activity and asked for efforts on Australia’s part to prevent it from recurring,” the official said.

Yes and maybe Australia should take about as much notice of your request as your Coast Guard did when it was told by the Australian government NOT to enter our EEZ. But you ignored that and entered anyway. So you want us as a nation to do as you say but you are not willing to do as we request of you. Here my message to the Japanese fisheries, Japanese Coast Guard and Japanese government UP YOURS. Your in our waters and ignore our requests get your filthy little whaling fleet back to your own country problem solved. But l guess the only way to get through to the Japanese is to start writing to the people in charge and express your disappointment.

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That's pretty funny. More like if this goes any further perhaps Australia would consider arresting whaling ships that enter its waters?

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Surely they are jesting?

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This is one of those do as I say and not as I do type of requests being made Uhh.

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“We told the embassy that we regretted such an obstructive activity and asked for efforts on Australia’s part to prevent it from recurring,” the official said.

Australia HAS made efforts to prevent it from reoccurring.

They have lodged Legal Action against Japan in the ICJ, and are still waiting for Japan to respond (by March 2012, as directed by ICJ).

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Surely this rather badly timed request/bid to the Aussie government will not help to calm down the issue. Though I am not waiting for more incidents I fear this years whaling season will bring on further trouble for all parties involved.

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yeah right,,,, bwahahah.... I,m sure Australia will comply with that request - let us just set up a government panel to consider the issue, then study it for the next few years, postpone any conclusions, set up a new panel....all the while expressing understanding for your request and your " culture "....oh wait,,,,that`s the Japanese way of responding to other countries request,s....well then, maybe a quick finger will suffice instead?

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Funny I can't find the first story about Aus gov requesting to Jgov to keep the whaling fleet out of Aus EEZ & territorial waters? & not just the SM2, the YM3 has also entered Aus waters, within 8nm of land...

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It is a good request and the aussie govt should oblige and stop the eco terrorists

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within 8nm of land

That's some precision sailing.

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I guess what the real message was "please stop allowing the SSCS to use Australia's harbors before and during our annual whale hunt"

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Elvinsilvan....it's an annual RESEARCH.......

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Maybe Japanese whaling boats should stop illegally entering Australian territorial waters.

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Are you Joking ....?

Japan still, do not understand ENGLISH ...!

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This reminds me of a crazy Australian tv show that was aired here in Japan, some nutty Aussies running around Sidney chasing Japanese junior high school kids with fake harpoons and pretending to be whale hunters, it must be on youtube too, really crazy and funny, but not too sure if our Japanese amigos could get that kind of humor.

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