Japan urges China not to escalate East China Sea tension

By Kaori Kaneko

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Escalate tensions?

This is absurd!

Japanese official statements repeatedly said there is no territorial dispute in the Senkaku/Tiau Yu Tai rocks so what's the fuzz about these Chinese ships sailing outside Tokyo's sea lanes ?

The only sovereignty dispute about rocks Japan knows is in the South China Sea where Shinzo's FM is energetically and constantly poking China in the eye everywhere there is an international conference!

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What is absurd are the resident conveyors of CCP propaganda all over the internet parroting the same nonsense that the Chinese foreign ministry dishes out defending it's aggressive destabiizing behavior. China's attitude towards the international community and their disregard for the rule of law really needs to be corrected before they start a war. They have a huge chip on their shoulder and at every step, rather than ease tensions they raise it. .

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It's just natural, no need to be nervous.

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I urge China to grow up.

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I urge China to grow up.

I urge Japan to man up. By continually and consistently breaching Japanese territorial waters, Japan is justified in confronting Chinese naval vessels on the high seas. They ought to come up with real rules of engagement -no Mickey Mouse stuff.

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Well a confrontational policy may start on or in the sea but you can bet it would soon escalate to the air. The only serious power China can project against Japan on short term is missiles. What then? It seems pointless to let it escalate to start with.

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Japan is the one escalating tensions in the East China Sea by virtue of Tokyo's denial of the existence of a territorial dispute regarding the Tiauyutai/Senkakus/Diauyu rocks with China and the Taiwan Republic.

How can there be a meaningful dialogue if one party already have closed the door for one?

In some respect the Japanese government is effectively arrogant because they have keep the USA a hostage to this conflict.

In effect they can afford to deny any existence of a territorial conflict because Captain America will be there to fight for them anyways!

So it is very clear that Shinzo's government is responsible for intentionally raising the tension in the area because of a hidden agenda that even President Donald Trump is truly worried about.

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What then? It seems pointless to let it escalate to start with.

But Japan administers those Senkakus Islands. So at some point they have reality-check themselves and be burdened with defending it's territorial waters and airspace. Its the cornerstone of any modern nation -to provide it's common defense. The Senkakus fall into their scope of duty and responsibility.

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The fact that China, and China alone is escalating tensions in the East and South China Seas is obvious to anyone who looks at their ridiculous 9 dash line map. Despite being in the 21st century we are faced with an economic and military monster, controlled by a one-party dictatorship which uses nationalism, media censorship and every authoritarian trick in the book to maintaining it's iron-fist control over the people and the country. No country of this magnitude has a military that is dedicated to protecting the ruling party, rather than the country. China s following the pattern established by fascist governments in the past, all of which did not well for their countries.

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