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Japan urges Iran to stick to 2015 nuclear deal


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How about making the same suggestion to Trump? I mean he is the one who more or less started this whole mess!

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Yes, why would Iran stick to a deal that the US has already ripped up? There is no partnership anymore. Even if they keep to the terms of the agreement, Trump will keep the sanctions. Does Japan hope that magically Trump will come back to the agreement and beg Iran to follow through on it?

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If only Trump had been smart enough to stick to the agreement.

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Motegi stressed that Iran must honor the landmark deal signed with world powers in 2015 that placed limits on Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions.

Iran " must honor" a deal that was destroyed by Trump? this bizzaro world?

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If the Japanese ruling party had a shred of independence from their overlords (who via the CIA financed their formation and rise to power n the 1950's and 60's) they would be able to deduce and then verbalize something which would acknowledge that it would be difficult to honor an agreement that Trump reneged on. They are not able to for obvious reasons.

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If Japan wants Iran to stick to the deal, perhaps they could show their support by importing Iranian Oil again. As it stand Iran has zero incentive to stick to anything.

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