Japan urges Iran to take further steps on nuclear issue


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It's surprising that the guy is not there to try and sell Japan's nuclear technology. Maybe that's the problem... Iran is trying to develop it's own technology and not buying from the US, Japan, or one of the established corporate powers.

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Ironic isn't it that Japan tells Iran to be responsible with its Nuclear activity.

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Iran only wants Nuclear weapons, maybe its fair or not but thats why they want to do it by themselves. Iran has alot of oil and they dont need all those mighty isotopes for health that are costing them their full economy.

Its not rocket science, if they dont do it before a republican comes to office well... they will never do it again.

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Iran must be tired of Russian and N Korea out-of-dated nuclear tech they paid with their oil income.. IJapan is one of its largest oil buying nation, This talk will work better than USA bashing Iran. iIran can;t lose its big custome.. Japan is getting too cozy with other oil producing countries in Middle East. After Fukushima disaster exsperience, Japan might become oil energy country.

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Yes you are right Overchan Iran only wants Nuclear weapons because its fair of all countries! Another point that Iran became a powerful county in future so they want Nuclear weapons.

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