Japan urges Moscow to release opposition leader, protestors


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Shame on Putin for doing this to peaceful demonstrators.

I fear for Mr. Navalny life. He will become a target of Kremlin, they have a history of poisoning rivals.

Japan needs to keep the pressure on Russia to behave and act as a better neighbor. We should keep our money away from Putin hands. Avoid buying resources from this murderous regime.

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at least Japan is doing the right thing to do.

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I’m pretty sure now that Japan has spoken, Putin will leap to obey. Hmm. Maybe not; as he, and others in the Japanese government, have said, ‘don’t interfere with a domestic affair.’

What will convince Putin to put up with opposition? A powerful opposition. Something he will not allow to develop.

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A semi-totalitarian one-party state like Japan is really not in a position to say anything.

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i urge Japan to not meddle in russian doemstic matters.this is not japanese business.

this is purely russian matter.russian domestic business.

traitor will get what he deserves.

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i guess Japan just did what their boss from USA have said to do.

as you expect from servant following orders of own boss.

i guess Japan have many more important and hot issues to take care of,dont need to mention recent status of this so called democratic society.

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This “urging” keeps popping up in headlines,

while, is it not following allies at the latest; as is well with a merchant identity .

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I don't mind the call for releasing peaceful protesters from detention, but Navalny goes to prison. Despite the opinion of the ECHR, Navalny's conviction seems to be actually a solid one and it is really the ECHR's reading of the law that's inaccurate and unworkable.

The essence of Navalny's two crimes are similar and easy to understand. In essence, either use wink-wink, nudge-nudge threats or deception to insert themselves as an intermediary between entities that had been working well with each other without such intermediaries. Ask for a surcharge for the "intermediary service" while doing very little to nothing in justifying the surcharge. In the case Navalny did himself (Navalny & Ofitserov v. Russia) he was careful enough to restrain himself to a 7% difference and the other case involving his brother (Navalnyy v. Russia) they were more greedy & blatant, demanding 23600 rubles for a 14000 ruble job.

ECHR claims convicting them was an unforeseeable application of the law (Article 7 violation). Well, gee, really? You really think that was OK?

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While I agree with the sentiment, why is the Foreign Minister so late in stating it? The day he (incredibly bravely) flew back to Moscow would have had more impact.

kazuaki/matej apparently the state murdering or attempting to murder anyone who speaks out against those in power is all ok with you so long as a corrupt and politically controlled legal system finds them guilty of something (which doesn’t carry the death penalty) or some dictator or their parasite labels them “traitor”?

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Presumably when the Soviet Union fell democracy would Taka it's place. Putin has given Russia someting worse.

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Russia under Putin:

Making sure you get the correct narrative on every website.

Same country responsible for shooting down passanger airline. Twice.

Same country who used force and aggression to take back Crimea. After it promised Ukraine it belongs to them, even signed multiple aggrements.

Uses poison like it's candy.

Interferes in the election of other countries. Other countries affairs, other countries wishes to join EU if their location is close to Russia.

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joey stalinJan. 27 10:30 am JST

A semi-totalitarian one-party state like Japan is really not in a position to say anything.

the same should be said for a country who has the actual president elected by fraudolent votes

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The Japanese government is closely watching (the situation) with concern. We want to request the release of Mr. Navalny

"Request" is just not gonna cut it. Now, on the other hand,  if Japan pulled out the big guns and " strongly urged " Navalny,s release, that would have Putin shakin in his boots in no time.

A semi-totalitarian one-party state like Japan is really not in a position to say anything.

Spot on!

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