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Japan urges N Korea to refrain from provocative action


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refrain from provocative action

That's like telling a one-year-old not to soil his nappies.

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Telling a spoiled chubby crazy weirdo freak to stop that? He is just starving for attentions. Just ignore him and put all his news into side bar and keep airing The Interview.

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Peace Out wrote:

Naturally, Japan did not insist America and South Korea stop their provocative actions, such as naval drills just off the North Korean shore.

Did America and South Korea also threaten to fire ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on Japan, like North Korea did?

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Did Suga make the request from Yasukuni? That would be appropriate given the level of hypocrisy from Japan on this.

Moderator: Not even remotely relevant.

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Hypocrisy at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Peace Out: "Naturally, Japan did not insist America and South Korea stop their provocative actions, such as naval drills just off the North Korean shore."

Nope. In fact, they have in the past requested to join.

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You know what sounds like a good idea? Telling North Korea what to do. I'm sure they'll take it into "consideration". If I was NK, I would probably do the opposite of what Japan tell me to do just to piss them off.

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Pot calling the kettle black.

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Its harder to stand up to your friends than your enemies.

Naturally, Japan did not insist America and South Korea stop their provocative actions, such as naval drills just off the North Korean shore.

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provocative action

Hmmmm. The name Yasukuni comes to mind

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Provocation is the only industry North Korea has.

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North Korea is saying its main nuclear complex is operating and they're working to improve the quality and quantity of weapons which could be used against the USA. That a country like N. Korea still actually exists is China's fault. If it were not for China pushing U.S. Soldiers back to the 48th parallel Korea would have been united. The USA helped to end WWII and supported China but Mao would not trust us to help make N. Korea Democratic. Or you could also say, why didn't the USA at the time just put more soldiers on the ground and gone after the Chinese.

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"Pot calling Kettle", Weasel beak (Liar) Japan government are.

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@ Bgood41.... the entire world was safer for 12 years.... sometimes "safety", comes in parts. Or we could have just gotten it over with and gone to war then. The USA mainly went to war with Korea back in 1950 in order to prevent Communism to spread to Japan. They figured if the Korean peninsula went totally Communist then it would be a springboard to launch into Japan.

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"... Japan also urged the Young General to watch his sugar and alcohol intake, to stop smoking, and 'for heavens sake, please do something about that awful hairstyle. Really: It's making all Asians look bad.'"

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Almost twelve years ago, Bill Clinton made a deal with N. Korea and said that "the entire world would be safer..." ???? Guess what, now Japan talks to a deaf ears of dictator regime again, and this time is about a long range missile. Kim Jung Un tries to copy cat Iran nuclear deal for cash as the regime is struggling for stability and survival under erratic cheesy young leadership. Well dealing with dictatorship is such a deceptive ploy by politicians to a quick fix, but rather a hidden dangerous future for the world. However there plenty of bots and minions who will cheer for this deception!

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Japan can urge N Korea to do this, that, don't do this, or that all they want.

If it weren't for the US presence, there would be no deterrent. This is why the security bills must be passed. If you talk the talk, better be ready to walk the walk like a big boy Japan.

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