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Japan urges U.S. to be cautious before removing North Korea from terror blacklist


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Too late, U.S. is likely to remove NK from blacklist today,according to AP news.

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I heard that US was pushing back as well, not wanting to remove them from the list until new conditions were met that weren't on the table before. I guess we'll see, but I wouldn't trust NK either.

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North koreans have annual GDP(PPP) of 40 billion.

Removing them from terrorist label is good. It will promote more ties between world nations, US,South korea,japan and north koreans. Iran problems can be solved and be less via their oil wealth boom.

North koreans must be taken out of their 40 billion dollar poverty,and be almost like their border nation China. There should not be such big difference in economic sucess in north korea as compared with its neighbours.

Peace and progress should come in korean peninsular, no matter how north korean govern themselves via use of way too much self defense army/military life. Their military budget is hardly touching those of the billions/trillions of their rich neighbours and USA.

China is 2nd richest,Japan is 3rd richest and South korea also is 13th richest nation. Where does it leave north koreans in this rich equations. It does not make sense for north koreans to be 91st richest,they can achieve higher via their rich neighbour investments.

North koreans should not be 91st in the GDP(PPP) list,no matter how their governance works.

It does not make sense to make north korea have a 40 billion USD only economy. North korea woes should be reduced by all world nations especially by richer china/south korea via more investments.

No point for china or south korea to make world richer,when they cannot make their neighbour the north koreans better and richer. World nations and UN must bring trust of world back in north korea . They should promote more jobs in north korea via investments for improving their quality of economy.

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You got to love the way the article glosses over the fact that Washington already made this promise and already backtracked on it once. In fact, that is what ruined the arms talks in the first place.

Take note people. The Soviets envied our propaganda machine, and I see its alive and well. --Cirroc

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Not carrying through with a promise becau8se NKorea refused to permit verification of their declaration is hardly "backtracking". Dad: I'll buy you a car if you can asure me that you're not smoking dope in your room. Son: I swear I'm not. So give me the car. Dad: Mind if I take a look inside your room to be sure? Son" No way! You're backtracking on your promise.

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North koreans should not be 91st in the GDP(PPP) list,no matter how their governance works.

Incompetant, restrictive and corrupt governments keep countries like North Korea back.

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NK has been most uncooperative in solving the abduction issues involving Japanese nationals. What assurances the US now has to justify removing this roque nation from its list of countries that engage in terrorist activities we are not being told. What is evident is that the US's political agenda differs widely from the one of its ally, Japan.

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Well the US just lifted the Terror blacklist notation on NKOrea. We also stated that if there are going to be any problems with the inspections that NKorea has assured, they're going right back on the blacklist. With the world economy going to be in recession for the next N years it is wise for NKorea to stop playing brat and play ball. It's a matter of a couple of years before even China may simply not be able to help NKorea much less the western powers.

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It could be that removing NK from terror list is an attempt to diffuse a dangerous situation. After all, tools like terror lists tend to work least when dealing with pathologically unreasonable regimes. Washington may perceive that the terror list only nudges the situation in a more sinister direction. NK's removal from the list may be part of an elaborate sticks-and-carrots routine.

It is certainly Japan's responsibility, though, to question US strategy and intentions as well as share experience and expertise regarding NK. The US should be very careful not to give the impression that she is either abandoning a valuable ally or proceeding recklessly. Japan should strive to assert herself at every phase of the process.

We could look for clues in the case of Libya--persuaded more by events than by rhetoric to renounce terrorism. The unfolding of favorable events is somewhat hampered right now by the global economic crisis. But with patience and combined knowledge, anything is possible. Including the restoration of reason in NK.

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