Japan, U.S. differ on how to punish N Korea


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So... let me get this straight.... the talks on what to do with NKorea, whom with the six-nation talks are stalled, have stalled? This is just getting ridiculous. Go back to talking with NKorea, and just cut out all the time and money wasting that's going to occur before they go back to talks anyway.

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yeah lets talk to them because we know they are reasonable people <silly end sarcasm JT nerd tag>

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Maybe they will stop stalling the talks again because our faith in them is so high.

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The U.N. should just scrap the security council. It is totally useless.

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Patrick Smash - the thing is, Israel is friends with the US and so ignoring the S.C. resolutions is not a problem. DPRK is not and so any rejection of a resolution is seen as a big event.

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Patrick Smash

The six nations' talks have stalled not over Japan's abduction issue but, as written in the above article, Pyongyang’s refusal of a verification process that would confirm it had dismantled its nuclear programs as earlier promised. And wartime impressment cannot be talked on a par with abduction issue. FYI Japan-DPRK Pyongyang Declaration in 2002 has the basic principle that both Japan and the DPRK would mutually waive all their property and claims and those of their nationals that had arisen from causes which occurred before August 15, 1945.

North Korea also confirmed in the same declaration the necessity of resolving security problems including nuclear and missile issue by promoting dialogues among countries concerned. Isn't launching a rocket over Japan which is no different from a missile a violation of the agreement with Japan? Do you still say it's time for Japan to just shut up?

Lastly I would like to ask you how Japan's attitude including its motion to specify the names of 10 companies believed to be helping enable NK to carry out its missile testing is not helpful to the end of world security and non-proliferation of nukes.

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Even US and France didnt see optimistic to have any effects on santioning North Korea. China and Russia has made firm decision that North Korea shall never punished

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what would it take for Russia and China to ease their opposition, for NK to fire a real missile? that's basically the only step to go for them.

it will be too late then.

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Everyone knows himself should do good things and behave like gentleman, but every hungry poor's principle is to try anyway he can to survive first! So many governments give food stamps ...etc. to poor people. I don't believe smart Japanese don't understand this but only keep on pushing poors to street, you simply can't terminate a 30M people country!

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Japan, if you haven't noticed, the UNSC, and certainly the world, isn't listening.

It's best for Japan to come to grips with the limitations of their diplomatic reach, however repulsive the North Korean action may be.

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