Japan vice ministers visit Ukraine to examine recovery needs


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Ukraine will need all of the help it can get to deal with the result of terrorist invasion of its territory.

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What a stupid persistence. Who is Japan going to help? Soon there will be no population left in Ukraine at all! Washington and London recommend that Kiev reduce the age of conscription to 17 and raise it to 70, and conduct additional mobilization of women, the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said. As we know, pregnant fighters in the Ukrainian army are already common.

Sadly, it looks like an imperative desire to please the American boss. Nobody is interested in ukranians, in fact.

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KukuToday 07:59 am JST

the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said.

I think I can see a flaw in this argument.

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to examine recovery needs



there is conflict ongoing as UA have zero will to negotiate about peace and to save as much as UA lives as possible and someone going to "examine" recovery needs?

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I didn’t even know the fighting had finished. Glad Japan is leading the way in the recovery of the Ukraine. It seems that Japan is one of the biggest contributors in the world for reconstruction.

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I didn’t even know the fighting had finished.

It hasn't. Its just Japan gearing up to support Japanese companies with Japanese tax money to do construction projects in what is left of Ukraine. So not the south and east.

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