Japan voices anger in Beijing over N Korean missile launch


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And this comes just when Japan lifts the ban on military force? Coincidence?

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it's just small ones. no worry.

This is DPRK's message to South Korea. DPRK wants to discuss with SK regarding military drills on both sides to "cease fire" a little bit because China has not been cutting oil supply to DPRK for some time. They are in a serious situation having difficulty to maintain their military readiness. oil supply (and dollar supply) cut is working very well on DPRK currently holding 2 years of oil for non-war time which is only a few weeks war time needs.

Recent positive move of DPRK to come to discuss with Japan to solve abduction is because of the same reason.

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They are talking to a North Korean diplomat (who really doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks......only what freebies he is going to swindle Japan into giving them) about a country...North Korea (who really doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks and only wants freebies thrown at them), in a country...China (who REALLY doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks fullstop).

Ihara called on the nuclear-armed North not to repeat the launches, and to respond to the demands of the international community

Yep. I'm sure that strongly worded sentence coupled with a finger point and a slight hint of a bow put them back in line. No doubt they won't do that again. Just the same way as Japans harpooning exploits went against the demands of the international community time and time again.

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No it's not a coincidence. More tough talk can be expected now that we have the "constitution on our side". The other side of the coin is that everyone is sick of being the colony of the US military.

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