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Voters split on revising pacifist constitution: poll


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The number favoring a change stood at 45%, up five percentage points from a year ago.

Thanks in a large part to the media, feeding from the hand of Abe, and making him look "strong" to the world!

I fear the day that the Japanese people finally realize the ineptitude of Abe.

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It does not matter what the pole states. The changes will go through regardless of public opinion. He changed the law to not require a public referendum when he first took office. They will change the constitution, get involved international conflict and Japan will become a terrorist target. Japan should be thankful for their pacifist constitution. It's the only thing keeping them out of trouble.

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its 70-year-old pacifist constitution

The framing of the narrative I find disturbing. The most troubling aspects of Abe's agenda do not involve defense issues. That's a ruse that the LDP has figured out in the era when North Korean threats will easily distract the public from the real issue: civil rights and democratic process. A docile, subservient public has always been central to the rightists, from the 19th Century until now. That is the key to their power.

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Voters split in Japan = they'll accept whatever fascist dictator shoves down their throats.

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Acquiring such weapons would likely anger China, where bitter memories of Japan's wartime aggression run deep.

Japan was in China for PKO activity along with the West powers; USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and  Austria.

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"Acquiring such weapons would likely anger China, where bitter memories of Japan's wartime aggression run deep."

Due the CCP dictatorship's use of anti-Japan propaganda in an effort to split the US-Japan strategic alliance, the largest obstacle to China's aspiration for Asian hegemony.

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