Japan pledges to support Senegal's response to coronavirus pandemic


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It is nice to see Japan helping the people of Senegal.

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Japan and Senegal have a long, friendly relationship.

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Welcome to Kenya, Motegi San.

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Please get Japan safe first.

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Those are the priorities? Bare of any logic, because if here the lights are soon turned off as nothing is done locally, but in contrary the resources are by priority all quickly given to other far away countries, also Senegal and many others cannot be helped ever again, be it this time or with other issues or pandemics.

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Yes, it is good to help Senegal, and any poor country for that matter, maybe even people from Senegal coming to Japan to make a better life and even allow them to send money back home to help their families in Senegal. However, don’t have the men from Senegal (as Nigerians have done) come over to Japan to take the place of the Yakuza in Kabukicho and other places and beckon tourists (men) to pay for prostitutes.   It is bad enough for the Yakuza to have done this.

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