Japan vows to work for 'more resilient' African economies


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Key words.UNSC,Gold in Liptako.

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I guess this is about keeping China from buying everything. Will this lift up African economies? or the opposite?

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More uselessness from the LDP

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If I as a South African could express a wish, it would be building nuclear power stations the Japanese way. Without sufficient energy, Africans will never be able to pay off debts. Making money starts with being able to use tools and these tools need to be plugged in in a reliable electricity grid. If the world asks us to stop burning coal and gas, we should replace coal and gas fired power stations with useful technology!

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Almost 20% of Japanese families are below the poverty line.

The "Big Boss" wants to maintain his influence on the African continent he must put his money printing machine in full swing.

Primi Minister Kishida needs to schedule a meeting in Washington and have the courage bang our fist on the table and say enough is enough! Japan is not a Cash Dispenser of United States !

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Maybe it would be better for the African countries to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

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work on JPY Japan

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Kishida is printing $30 billion fake money and forcing Africa to borrow this fake money....

later Kishida will try to take via corruption the natural resource of Africa. wait and see...

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Japan offers ‘generous aid’ to Africa with selfish intention, sows discord through ‘China debt trap’ hype.

Obnoxious & evil plan would ultimately end up in terrible backlash for the initiator.

Japanese should know what that means, would Kishida not?

Stop sowing discord, lest..

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Unfortunately for African countries, brainpower is sucked immediately by the USA or Europe.

Although the continent has the most natural resources, the political instability makes it impossible for the wealth created to follow a trickle-down effect.

I can´t see real change happening before decades.

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Yes, that’s surely possible, but only in their theoretical models. Try something else, like flying at near light speed or such. That would be also an impossible challenge, but has at least a probability above zero.

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to create an environment where African people can live in peace and security so they can develop,"

In other words, let's copy what China is doing with their belt and roads colonisation strategy.

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all called for African debts to be rescheduled or cancelled, as well as for the implementation of a promise by the G20 group of nations to suspend interest payments.

"Given the double crisis we're facing, these measures are necessary to relaunch our economies," he said.

Same old same old.

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Yes, the LDP's three squandered decades along with over two decades of static wages and a low birth rate - is going to assist African nations. Nigeria is blessed (for example) with vast resources (minerals, oil, and so on). Also, rich in agriculture. Despite this, Nigeria faces a malnutrition crisis in northern parts of the country and rampant corruption. France is finding the wrath of anti-G7 feelings in Burkina Faso, Mali, and other parts of Africa.

I hope the LDP isn't going to show Angola, Nigeria, and others how to print money at the drop of a hat!

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Total political move if Japan does not China owns it all. You guys don't get it!

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The African country leaders know Japan is a vassal state of United States, they don't trust you and they have had enough this: Lip Service!

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Abe san promised to help India building their highspeed railway with "Shinkanshen" technology, 6 years until now oniy 10km of tracks has been laid. Because the whole package was a liar, a very big lia, Japan has not the least willingness to help thirdworld country. There is NO FREE LUNCH in this world.

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