Suga to decide state of emergency extension for Tokyo region on Friday


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It appears that the government first decided an extension, then tried to find/make up whatever reasons or plausible excuses to support the decision. They've kept moving the goalpost by "re-interpreting" key reopening criteria, without any clear exit strategy and timetable.

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“Our anti-infection measures are in a very important phase,”

HA! anti-infection measures? What anti-infection measures??

Suga told reporters Wednesday. “In order to protect people’s lives and health, I think we need to extend (the state of emergency) for about two weeks.”

Whatever Suga. Your anemic SOE doesn't mean squat anyway.

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I'll try not to run off the rails on this but, hey, Japan has to find a better way to run their country than the old-boy Lib/Dem Club. A progressive stance on a vaccination program early in the year might have been enough to salvage the summer Olympics. As it stands now, they are pretty much doomed. Too many old men in the way.

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This morning, two of my japanese commuter friends told me inside the train, that it is already decided to extend for another 2 weeks.

I didn't watch the news in TV this morning so I don't know if it is correct.

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Just do it!

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I have seen so many businesses out of business around Tokyo but we need to extend the so called State of Emergency one or two more months. We need to look at the big picture. People will suffer but less will die.

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Telling the truth SLOWLY. First there was the "the govt is wary...." and now this. Face it; the govt decided a week ago to extend the unnecessary SOE until whenever. What a crock!

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Japanese news said it is decided. 2 weeks, but the hanami season starts, so I am afraid they will decide to postpone it more.

In Japan, except late-night restrictions to businesses, it doesn't really mean too much.

However, one important aspect that is overlooked is that together with the emergency situation, the borders stay closed. Of course tourism is out of the question, but there are many people and students who are stuck in a limbo. My company hired more than 100 foreigners last year, and it's been almost one year and none of them are here, while the company pays full salary and benefits. And in most of the cases, remote work doesn't cut it. And I am sure many more companies, institutions and universities are in a similar situation.

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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said Wednesday he is considering extending a coronavirus state of emergency in the Tokyo region for about two weeks." Impossible...Suga "guaranteed" in January he would have the situation under control in a month. He asked people to trust him. This must be a mistake. LDP never lies.

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This country is all about respect. The quickest way to sour a relationship is to not include someone in the inner circle of information. You might lose their support if they “didn’t hear about it.” That’s why decisions are long in coming; because they run around telling all the people that matters to them that they’re thinking of doing this to be inclusive.

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Will 2 weeks extension make a difference? I doubt it....

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2 more minutes, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years...........does it matter at all? Nothing is enforced, nothing changes, nothing happens.

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exactly, I am one of the people in this ‘limbo’ situation. As soon as I received approval for my visa, it was suspended... at least the consulate here is holding it for me for when the entry circumstances change.

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"The state of emergency centers around asking restaurants, bars and other businesses to voluntarily close at 8 p.m"

I just don't get the logic of this. Is Covid still not transferable at after work drinks at 6.00 PM on a Friday?

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Because heaven forbid he not make a decision on deciding something right away.

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Small bars and restaurants will be happy they are getting more in funding than what they would have been making anyhow..

Not all the bars and restaurants, to be fair. Some don't qualify for aid, having had the misfortune to only open their businesses within the last year. And then there are owners who miss their regulars and the freedom of being safe and not having to worry about numbers.

It's a difficult one. Safety of lives, safety of livelyhoods.

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Lift the SoE.

Suga has been accused of declaring the SOE too late. Now, he just adopts a safe approach, but there is no meaning to continue for only the Tokyo area, with such low figures

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easy to say when you’re not one of those out of business.

Try paying bills with no income

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Yada yada yada. Inane blather and vapid opining. It is a pandemic. The citizenry as a whole has responded admirably for well over a year. Masks and various protocols in place for the many. A certain measured degree of success has been achieved in reducing the number of infections. Government intrusion, in the form of GoToTravel, caused a rise in the number of infections and was a less than wise tactic. The over-riding need is to vaccinate quickly and throughout the population. That is the only long term solution.

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Looking to situations around the world, a total shut down is most wise.

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Wait, I thought the numbers were decreasing, so less tests need to be done, the government and LDP supporters said we're doing fine and good job, etc. So why the need for any state of emergency or even an extension? So which way is it?

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