Japan welcomes Trump's defense spending boost


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Japan agreeing with Trump? Please stop with all the butt-kissing!

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Japan on Wednesday welcomed

If Suga equates to Japan, perhaps...

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Trump loves to point that finger. Wasn't Trump going to get all the allies to pay more so the US could reduce it's bill but now it's going to spend more? Or is that coming next? Watch out Japan - that finger might be pointed at you.

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Wasn't Trump going to get all the allies to pay more so the US could reduce it's bill but now it's going to spend more?

Exactly. That's all he has ever said about it. I sincerely hope he can still manage to reduce the deficit while simultaneously raising the defense budget by $54 Billion.

"Just make our allies pay for it" - Trump-o-nomics

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What Trump says, you have to wait for a few days to hear what he says completely differently. He doesn't remember what he said.

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Japan govt has no ability to move alone in the international arena without kissing the butt of Donald Trump. Hope Trump should impose the cost of Okinawa base support.

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This isn't necessarily a bad thing, with a stronger America, Japan is safer. With comically villainous countries like China, Russia and NK so close, this is a good thing

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Abe san will no longer smiling if the bill of protection fees came to his office.

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Saves Japan a lot of Yen.

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Great news!! good for Okinawa too. now lets sit back and wait for all the anti-base people to chime in! this is proof, PROOF, that Japan needs the help of the US military in Okinawa!

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Trump want to increase military budget by Japan and S Korea pay more money. He knows US military in Japan is useless. Just money contribution purpose US military in Japan.

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I think Trump would be happy if Japan dumped its 'Peter Pan' constitution. Time for US and Japan to do more joint training to increase (combat) readiness.

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