Japan welcomes UK-EU trade deal


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UK is a very good spot for Japanese car makers. No disasters. Cheap labors (Not real British), and easier to transport here and there as Japanese should realise it is at almost central part of the map (which is also one of the main reason British chose that place to live, otherwise they would have chosen some Asian countries they fought in the war, Example, Nepal, they knew there isn't much there except hills and mountains with earthquale and landslide zones, very smart people they were but getting dumb these days all because of the pride and greed)

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Ships have continued to arrive at British ports throughout the pandemic. Shipping lines are able to change their crews subject to a few restrictions. The cost of replacing a ships crew has double and that is one reason the shipping lines are not changing them frequently. Ships have continued to arrive in Japanese ports which are mainly crewed by foreigners.

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That won’t last long, soon will be manifested that the new administrative and bureaucratic hurdles will be just as disastrous as tariffs

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Thanks-point taken

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This is the UK-EU deal they're welcoming.

Of course they are, because it saves them the cost of relocating factories from the UK.

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Didn’t they welcome the deal back when Motegi was in London?

Is it forgetfulness?

Maybe, they will welcome it again?

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