Japan will go nuclear free, Noda insists

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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There's an awful lot of 'seeking to' and 'mobilizing' type of language going on here. In other words, 'We'll try but we don't promise anything' = 'We will do nothing but give you plenty of weasel words when pressed'.

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Yep, Noda.

With strong yen, this is once in life time opportunity to repair failing Japanese infrastructures. This move will stimulate domestic economic growth and job growth. When you get a lemon, hey change it to a glass of lemonade. You go Noda. I agree with his long term vision of Japan. Go Green and I want Japan to start shining again. Yes, Japan can do this!!

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This is PM Noda we are talking about.

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Oh, bla, bla, bla! Looking at the track record of the J-Gov, who would say anything to get votes, it is difficult to believe this is not just another politically motivated snow-job. Show us a clearly documented plan of decommissioning all 50 reactors, and stop work on the two new ones and then, people might start to believe.

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psst.. Noda! You're already been nuclear free all summer! You've met a goal. Now improve on it, not renege on it and call that a goal!?!

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lying sod

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We Americans are very energized in Presidential election of 2012 because our life depend on policy changes. I find a big difference between American voters and Japanese voters.

Japanese are very pesmistic and cynical when I read JT posts. Some posts almost sounds like no hope, no dream and no future ahead in Japan.. You can change that. Blogging on JT does not count, your vote DOES.

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I think 90% of people posting here are not Japanese, and therefore will never be able to vote in Japan elections, so this is the only kind of place we can vent our opinion

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Global watcher, I'd venture that even many of the posters w japanese names are foreigners = Can't vote.

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He was heckled for 20 minutes in Shinjuku the other day by acttivists calling him a murderer. Not gown on he news, but you can see it on YouTube. Japanese citizens movements are finally taking off, and he and other oliticos in the pay of Keidanren wil not be let off the hook.

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Whatever Noda or DPJ say, all sounds vague. They are finished. It is very certain that it is not them who lead Japan from the coming election. After all, DPJ stood too much on the side of takers and was not friendly to makers.

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We all know politicians will SAY anything to get re-elected. Their WORDS will change after election. I bet my permenant residency on it.

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I believe I'm beautiful...that is not true but I believe it!

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Nuclear free? So does this mean Japan will start mining coal in Yubari again?

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I told ya, no nukes for Japan forever.

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2040? Evil is soon done, but slowly mended!

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Everything, everything out of their mouths have been a lie since day 1 (3.11). Nothing they have said or continue to say can be trusted. Liars 100%.

To say Japan will go nuke free now after Fukushima has already happened is like saying you will wear a condom from now on after you have already contracted AIDS. It is too late, the damage has been done and continues to be done at Fukushima.

The criminals responsible for this disaster beyond imagination need to be arrested and sent to Fukushima to clean up.

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I'm not even going to read the article, but let me guess... he insists it will be 'some day' but is not sure when and won't give an exact date.

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I did notice at least it's gone from 2020 to 2030 to 2040 in the past few weeks. The guy was JUST reelected to lead the DPJ, which is a sinking ship, so what else is he going to do but try to pander to all audiences?

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japan must will go energy free. sun s heat is free. develop thermo voltaic engine. lead the world. focusing lens on black heather produce electricity for free.

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Japan as a leader in Asitic zone must set an example for other countries to abandon nuclear plants because they are silent killers of man and nature.moreover Nuclear safety is a pure Myth and many japanese are buddhists who believe in Buddhistic doctrine of Non-violence which means abandonment of killer nuclear power. prof.T.Shivaji Rao, M.S.[Rice University,Texas,1962 Director,centre for environmental studies, gitam university,visakhapatnam,india

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Will he stay in power forever? Policy is always changing once they changed the party and PM.

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Very nice this removes trillions of yen worth of power plants go away. This is like removing trillions from the economy, who is going to pay to remove them? This is going to drive all of them into bankruptcy. Now where will the money come from for all of the green electric dreams? The only way would be to increase already high rates to impossible. Talk about killing domestic production.

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This has to be a good thing, with nuclear accidents happening daily. Workers dropped a half-ton steel beam into Fukushima No. 3 spent fuel pool, - on top of the fuel rods - just yesterday. There are just too many variables to talk about nuclear power in Japan ever being really safe.

As to the economics of it, I am sure that the people here are clever enough to work out a way to make up for the loss of the nuclear segment.

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Whoever deceived people that for better business, nuclear is the best pathway did a disservice. S/he did not do an exhaustive risk analysis and did not definitely factor in the special Japan safety and security issues in case of accident: tsunami, earthquake, terrorist attach, typhoons, sabotage, etc. The earlier this nuke electricity thing is stopped, the better and Japan does not need more lessons to learn what is and is not good.......

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Sure let's pay much more for energy that is coal and oil generated. Let's lose all our technical expertise, and ensure that no young person goes into this field ever again in Japan. By 2030 when oil costs 3x what it does now, this will look like a great idea.

I don't like nuclear, especially after Fukushima, but clearly it's one answer for a country with zero oil reserves like Japan.

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Suppose Japan can go "old school" with the increased use of coal. http://aboutjapan.japansociety.org/content.cfm/smog_tokyo_64 What will the death rate increase to if this happens? Here is another great shot. http://www.surviveclimatechange.com/sustainable-living.html The question is how many people will die from the atomic accident at Fukushima and how many people will die from the effects of pollution?

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Japan has huge virtually untapped reserves of wind, wave, hydro, soalr and geothermal power. Now is a good chance to take stock and seriously consider developing them as other nations are doing.

She also plans to suck up frozen methane from the sea bed and import fracked gas from the US. Why do people have to keep suggesting coal?

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Oops, "solar" that should be.

Besides, Japan has some of the best filtering technology available for any smoke emissions. Granted it is not cheap though.

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