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Japan will not change policy due to planned inter-Korean talks


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Zzzz... You just knew once SK starts playing with the illusion of sovereignty, Tokyo would not be left behind.

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Japan has zilch North Korea policy.

Tokyo only does what Colonizer Washington wants Abe what to do.

Just like when the USA ordered a command to Nippon to cut-off diplomatic relations to very Japanese-friendly Taiwan or else...

It's deja vu with the follow the leader policy on Pyongyang .

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It gets tiring of watching Japan try to pretend it is part of anything & everything about N&SKorea, seems they just CANT sit back & observe what happens, they always got to pretend they are in the THICK of it behind the scenes, influencing all sides, it gets tiresome reading these ""look how important Japan is"" articles.

There clearly ARE times when Japan is directly/closely involved, Japan DOESNT need to try to make it look important, its embarrassing to read this stuff some times....hey look at me.........

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Yeah, need that boogeyman narrative to continue the existential threat yarn inorder to give the war industry a kick.

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I don’t think Abe runs things as his iq is...couch, cough. Suga doesn’t have to convince Abe, just order, but Abe’s wife is the real boss. Difficult.

say all the time, Germany reunified, so Korea can.

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Suga has to convince Abe to change. One sided pressure is not going to work. Japan must offer incentives.

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